Kenneth Copeland Ministries RESPONDS!




Kenneth Copeland Ministries RESPONDS!



My family and I, and the growing multitude of like-minded concerned Christians, have to say that it is very gratifying that after nearly four years of broken promises made by Kenneth Copeland—and nearly three years of our private and public efforts to get an answer out of him regarding those broken promises—to finally have some sort of response out of Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM). In a way, this is a small victory on behalf of truth in our eyes…though it took two recent press releases to get them to finally cough up some sort of answer.

Of course, their response was not exactly ideal. It is FULL of significant errors and glaring omissions. Nevertheless, they finally gave us a response…and even publicly! We rejoice that our many, many, hours of labor and prayer have not been completely in vain.

Let me first give you the entire text of their Christian Newswire press release, and then I will begin to point out the aforementioned problems with their FIRST EVER comment on these topics. I have also bolded a few things within their text for emphasis which we will discuss further below:


Kenneth Copeland Ministries Aids in Relief Efforts

Contact: James Tito, Executive Director, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 817-252-2807, [email protected]

NEWARK, Tx., Jan. 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) announced today that it has become aware of misleading and potentially damaging misinformation that has been circulated through various media outlets. The misinformation falsely suggests that Kenneth Copeland, and the leadership at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, have broken a promise to provide humanitarian aircraft services for all natural disasters on a worldwide basis, and therefore were instrumental in causing people of Haiti additional harm by not having aircraft immediately available. Furthermore, the claim suggests that there has been a misuse of donated funds related to developing humanitarian aircraft services.

Because KCM cares deeply for its Partners and Friends, the ministry and its leadership would like to clarify any confusion that may result from these allegations. In 2006 KCM did, in fact, make one of its aircraft available to provide support during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and also investigated the possibility of providing such assistance for future disasters. The ministry decided that the best use of resources would be to start a disaster relief fund, and to determine the best course of action on a case by case basis. All monies that are donated to this fund are used for appropriate disaster relief efforts, and not used for any of the day to day operations at KCM. Specifically, with regard to Haiti, because of the magnitude of the disaster, the geographic location, the poor conditions for flights in and out, and the vast involvement of the US military and other government agencies, KCM believed that the best course of action was to send targeted funds to disaster relief ministries and organizations that had better access to Haiti on the ground than did KCM. In addition, KCM also sent relief aid to a Haitian orphanage that the ministry has supported for many years. KCM continues to financially support ongoing relief efforts.

Although KCM is primarily a media based teaching ministry, it invests millions of dollars every year into helping people throughout the world. KCM pours resources into more than 100 ministries in more than 120 countries. The ministry gives to churches, evangelistic outreaches, orphanages, youth programs, and rehabilitation centers. KCM is feeding the hungry, meeting needs of men, women, and children, setting captive hearts free, and ministering faith, hope, and love across the globe. KCM helps supply over 50,000 inmates with devotional and other products to encourage them every month, answers almost 1,000,000 prayer calls per year, and answers over 1,000,000 pieces of mail. Furthermore, KCM mails over 500,000 magazines at no cost to the recipients and reaches a potential TV audience of 965 million people worldwide with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. These are just a few of the outreaches and ministries of KCM. For a complete list, please go to KCM’s general counsel David Middlebrook of Anthony and Middlebrook, P.C. states: “Kenneth Copeland Ministries is one of the premier Christian Ministries in the world today and is run with the utmost integrity. The Church has an annual independent audit and there are no funds that have been misused or unaccounted for.”

The above release can be seen on Christian Newswire by clicking here.


Now, let’s get into an examination of their public statement:


Significant Errors:

Again, while it is gratifying to finally have SOME kind of answer out of KCM, their answer comes quite short of what we had hoped. Let me begin by pointing out some errors included within their text:

  • “In 2006…” While some might consider this a minor issue, the fact is that Hurricane Katrina occurred in August of 2005. Moreover, the sentence completely omitted mention of Hurricane Rita that soon followed in September of 2005, after which the Angel Flight 44 (AF44) missions continued for a few flights.
  • “…one of its aircraft…” To my knowledge, not a single airplane within the Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ actual fleet participated in the disaster relief missions themselves. (If so, then it would be good for them to elaborate which one they are referring to, and what its alleged role was in those missions.) The primary aircraft of the AF44 missions was Glen Hyde’s corporately-owned Douglas Super DC3 (tail number, N44GH), which is actually owned by one of his Nevada corporations. One other small private aircraft also flew during the Katrina mission, but again, it was not a part of KCM’s actual fleet. The way this KCM press release is worded, it gives the impression that they are saying that it was one of their own aircraft that provided humanitarian support. This would NOT be true. However, if they meant something else they should clarify their statement.
  • “…and also investigated the possibility of providing such assistance for future disasters…” This is a bold-faced lie, as the three videos, three KCM BVOV magazines, and quotes from the book, Angel Flight 44, here on clearly document (though Mr. James Tito might not be aware of the deception, Kenneth Copeland surely knows better). Kenneth Copeland said publicly that the new humanitarian aviation support ministry of Angel Flight 44 already existed. To suggest within their release that they were merely kicking the idea around is to misrepresent the facts in a most devious manner. Here are ONLY A FEW examples of what Kenneth Copeland said publicly, which are provided here on
    • From video 1 in our post, The AF44 Miracle and Kenneth Copeland’s Promises, “Um…a major ministry…MAJOR ministry…has been born out of Hurricane Katrina. It is literally born out of the heart of the Spirit of God. But it took that hurricane to wake a lot of us up that should have been awake to this a long time before.” (Watch the footage in that video between time codes 06:21 and 06:39 to hear Copeland say these things himself.)
    • From the March, 2007 “Special Partner Edition” of KCM’s Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine (posted within that same article above), on page 9 Kenneth Copeland himself wrote, “You need several million dollars to build an airplane hangar and buy helicopters, airplanes, food and supplies for Angel Flight 44, your international aviation outreach that helps the needy in times of disaster… Those aren’t just outreaches of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. If you’re a Partner, they’re your outreaches too.” (Emphasis added. You can download the entire magazine off the above linked article.)
    • On our post, Angel Flight 44, The Book, we have excerpted Copeland where he had said during my interview of him (and he approved his quotes before the book was published): “And out of this, a new and different form of ministry has been born: Angel Flight 44. It is growing right now. It is still a baby, but it is growing. Right now, it is in its infancy, but we will never again get caught partially prepared for such a disaster. Angel Flight 44 is a ministry that is here to stay, and I will tell you why…Katrina is not the last catastrophe that will occur. We are going to see more of those kinds of things.” (Emphasis added)

Another very obvious error within their rebuttal was their statement in reference to our allegations here on Therein they said:

“…The misinformation falsely suggests that Kenneth Copeland, and the leadership at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, have broken a promise to provide humanitarian aircraft services for all natural disasters on a worldwide basis, and therefore were instrumental in causing people of Haiti additional harm by not having aircraft immediately available. Furthermore, the claim suggests that there has been a misuse of donated funds related to developing humanitarian aircraft services.”

. has not merely SUGGESTED that Kenneth Copeland and KCM have broken their promises, we have DOCUMENTED it. Further, our belief that the earthquake victims of Haiti are suffering additional harm due to the LACK of promised aviation disaster relief from KCM is founded upon Kenneth Copeland’s own statements regarding how important such disaster relief is, such as:


That is our mission in the future: we will help churches help people. And from this time on, we are still building, we are still gathering, and we are still preparing as if there is a storm on the way—because there is. We just do not know where it is going to hit, but the storm is coming. Jesus said so in His Word.

So, we are preparing for it. We are preparing equipment. We have plans for more airplanes as the Lord provides funds for them—and He will. Great big things that fly into places, and little bitty things that fly into other places. We need airplanes that haul a lot of stuff, and airplanes that haul a little stuff. We need airplanes that land on the ground, and airplanes that land on the water. We are also believing for helicopters. Now, I have not seen any use for a balloon yet, but I am not ruling that out!

We have plans for acquiring other types of equipment. We have hangars on the drawing board right now in order to be equipped in all areas of flight.

So, that is where we are now. A ministry has been born, and we are going to nurse it and build it and grow it and do our part.

Yes, there is a new baby in town, and her name is Angel Flight 44. And she is coming on strong because…the storm is coming. I do not know whether it is a hurricane or a bunch more tornadoes, or what. But we are going to be ready next time. (see the full quote on our page Angel Flight 44, The Book)

Consider also these statements made within the book about the effect of the original Angel Flight 44 disaster relief missions in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (which statements were also reviewed and approved by Kenneth Copeland too…for I still have his review copy of that book in my possession, with his original notes inside):

In this case, one such man is simply obeying his personal “word” from the Savior…and is repairing an airplane; a seemingly trivial act that will soon spare the lives of thousands. It seems quite fitting that the Savior would direct one of His men to do something that will ultimately save a multitude. After all,…is that not what His love is all about? (page 13, emphasis added)

Consequently, if God had not connected McKesson Pharmaceutical with Glen, Denny, and that Super DC-3 just a few days before—thousands would have died in hospitals all over that area from lack of treatment. (page 53, emphasis added)

Over time, Kenneth Copeland Ministries ships massive quantities of food and bottled water, baby supplies, hygiene products, clothes, hundreds of generators, four to five hundred chainsaws—you name it, they ship it. And not to leave the vast spiritual needs of the devastated community unmet, KCM ships cases upon cases of Bibles and other Christian reading materials for Pastor Larry’s church, Joy Fellowship Church, to dispense to the thousands of people they feed. (page 77, emphasis added)

Glen explains, “They won’t give them to them because they say that the Marines are not the hospital’s responsibility. But you ask the head nurse there this, ‘Is it Glen Hyde’s responsibility to furnish free air transportation to keep that hospital open without receiving compensation for all those thousands of people that are being served there?’ We’re furnishing our own airplane, our own fuel—so the Church is essentially furnishing all these medical supplies. Furthermore, we’re loading and unloading this stuff through these Marines over here. They wouldn’t have anything at that hospital if it wasn’t for my DC-3 and these Marines.” (page 150, emphasis added)


The quotes above (again, ALL reviewed and approved by Kenneth Copeland) ALL reinforce the idea that the promised Angel Flight 44 ministry was capable of affecting thousands of lives—even within just its “infancy” stage as Copeland claimed already existed. How many MORE lives could be helped today in Haiti if they had actually developed that pledged ministry as Copeland had promised?

In short, it is very evident that Kenneth Copeland Ministries does NOT have a problem taking credit for saving thousands of lives back when they were actively providing aviation services for relief…but they REFUSE to shoulder ANY blame when their lack of action may be costing thousands of lives.

And remember, as we detailed on the page AF44’s Status in 2010, (which we just updated 02/02/2010) there were MANY natural disasters that preceded the earthquake in Haiti and yet those disaster victims were likewise without the aviation support that Copeland repeatedly promised to provide.


Glaring Omissions:


There were also some VERY noticeable omissions from KCM’s response to the allegations here on Information that is missing, can often be information that is very revealing due to its very absence:

  1. KCM’s response did NOT even mention the NAME of the ministry in question, Angel Flight 44. It would seem that they considered even the acknowledgment of AF44’s name to be a possible acknowledgment of Copeland’s promises.
  2. KCM’s response did NOT mention “who” was spreading the alleged “misinformation” in the media. It would seem that by referencing they would be creating additional burdens of proof for themselves, since our website actually documents our allegations. Which brings us to…
  3. KCM’s response did NOT provide any verifiable documentation to support their claims against our allegations, NOR did it provide ANY verifiable documentation/information that would refute what we have alleged. In short, they simply said, “No we did not promise all of that…and please do NOT ask us to prove our honesty in this matter.”
  4. KCM never explained why it took almost three years of our efforts—including private contacts, launching this website in October, 2008, and finally TWO press releases in January, 2010—before they would even acknowledge that they abandoned plans to start their promised humanitarian aviation ministry. I guess for the same reasons it took a Senate Fiance Committee investigation to get them to acknowledge that they had abandoned their twenty-five-year-old promises of a Wisdom Heights retirement community, Kingdom Park theme park, and resort hotel. (Some people are just a bit stubborn, are they not?)
  5. KCM never explained “why” after “GOD” supposedly told Kenneth Copeland to form the Angel Flight 44 ministry, that now they have abandoned it. (Was he disobeying God then, or is he disobeying God now…or just lying about all of it?)

This last item bears some emphasis: If God told Copeland to start the AF44 ministry, and the building programs he abandoned twenty-five-years ago after promoting them so heavily, why did he later drop them like a rock so quietly? There are two main reasons that I can identify:

  1. If Kenneth Copeland publicly admits he changed his mind or made a mistake, it would undermine his “prophet” reputation that he has spent so many years to propagate (and thus, probably his partner base as well). After all, what kind of prophet promotes new projects so earnestly, raises funds by telling people the “vision God gave” him, and then changes his mind AFTER the money is donated? (Good question, indeed.)
  2. If Copeland publicly admits he changed his mind or that KCM abandoned the project after raising funds, it creates potential problems for them with the donors who gave (e.g. possibly wanting their money back, or perhaps wanting to designate where the funds might then go, i.e. rather than leaving it to KCM’s discretion).

It would appear that, in the Copelands’ minds, it might be better to just quietly drop such matters and hope people forget about them—rather than stir up potential problems by being “honest” or living by some other inconvenient biblical virtue.


KCM’s Good, Bad, and Ugly:

KCM’s response in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti is wonderful (insofar as they have actually been good stewards of the Disaster Relief Funds entrusted to them by donors). WE HAVE NOT questioned whether they sent money to Haiti or relief groups working in Haiti. In fact, we are absolutely sure they DID because we know their track record with sending disaster relief money to Operation Blessing International.

WHAT WE HAVE DONE is draw attention to the fact that they did NOT promise money for disaster victims back in 2006-2007; KCM promised AIRCRAFT flying in humanitarian aid. There is a huge difference.

Additionally, we have drawn attention to the fact that the AF44-designated contributions have not been accounted for either. With all due respect to any attorneys reading this,  let me point out that U.S. lawyers do NOT have a good reputation for honesty around the world. They are known for semantic plays on words such as “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” (e.g. as former U.S. president and former lawyer, Bill Clinton, once said in the wake of his Monica Lewinsky scandal). In short, I am NOT comforted by KCM’s general counsel “David Middlebrook of Anthony and Middlebrook, P.C.” when he states: “Kenneth Copeland Ministries is one of the premier Christian Ministries in the world today and is run with the utmost integrity. The Church has an annual independent audit and there are no funds that have been misused or unaccounted for.”

On the other hand, I propose that:

  1. KCM upgrades their transparency rating from an appalling “F” to a “C” or higher and…
  2. earn certification by the Evangelical Counsel for Financial Integrity (ECFI)…
  3. as Joyce Meyer’s ministry recently did both of these
  4. and, of course, explain what REALLY happened with the abandonment of their promised AF44 ministry.

Then and ONLY THEN we might all begin to consider them a ministry of financial integrity (though errant and heretical doctrine and the Copelands’ other personal sins would still remain issues in need of repentance).


Concluding Remarks:


So, again, while we consider it a small victory that Kenneth Copeland Ministries finally made a public statement, it falls way short of what they should have done. Furthermore, their errors and omissions within their public statement actually serve to REINFORCE our allegations here at Though we appreciate their help in that regard, we would have preferred repentance since it seems they are now confirming their guilt inadvertently. Jesus put it this way:

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God. (John 3:19-21, NKJV, emphasis added)

Jesus said that those practicing evil LOVE the darkness, and do everything they can to avoid any light that might expose their nefarious deeds. On the other hand, Jesus said that those who practice truth (i.e. are operating by biblical standards of integrity) will readily come to the light so that everyone will see that their deeds are done in God.

Copeland and his representatives do a wonderful job of “proclaiming” that they practice good deeds, while working hard to hide many things about Kenneth Copeland Ministries. For example:

  • Executive salaries and other compensations (which might show how little “faith” the Copelands actually live by, since high salaries reveal trust in paychecks not God…and an abuse of donor funds when done within a ministry).
  • Actual audited financial statements (which should go to third-party groups like ECFI and for verification…which would prove transparency and integrity).
  • Reasons behind the abandonment of publicized projects (which Copeland generally says “God” told him to do…but he has had somewhat of a habit of abandoning quietly after the funds are raised).
  • And more…

Considering all the evidence that we have shared here on the—including over 1 and a quarter hours of video of Kenneth Copeland, three KCM BVOV magazines, quotes from the Angel Flight 44 book, and many other links and documents—it seems to me that KCM could have come up with a more transparent and honest response than what is indicated within their erroneous and weak public statement above.

Thus, in the light of their failure to “come into the light” on this and many other issues, we at have to conclude that they “refuse to come to the light because their deeds are evil” as Jesus said. Consequently, my family and I, along with the growing multitude of like-minded and concerned brethren in the Lord, are calling on Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his ministry, to simply repent.



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