Kenneth Copeland’s ‘Bad Confession’




Kenneth Copeland’s ‘Bad Confession’



In an effort to provide the advocates of (and the general Christian public) with an update regarding the status of the Angel Flight 44 fiasco, we have some interesting new news to report.

Kenneth Copeland has confirmed (accidentally) part of our last press release on this subject, Did Kenneth Copeland Just Commit Another Aid Fraud? For someone with a history of teaching on the power of words, one cannot help but notice how this careless written “confession” might be deemed by Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) to be somewhat unhelpful to their nefarious agenda (especially since we are drawing attention to it).

However, before I get into that, let me give a quick overview of what has occurred to date:


A Quick Overview:


As those familiar with this website already know, KCM had not lifted a finger to fulfill any of their promises regarding the formation of the Angel Flight 44 ministry (AF44) — that is, until we began issuing press releases concerning this matter in 2010. However, for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the AF44 fiasco (and as a reminder for our long-time advocates) here is a quick historical recap. Please pay special attention to the dates and time frames as you read:

  • Throughout the latter half of 2006 and into the first half of 2007, Kenneth Copeland publicly and repeatedly promised this new aviation ministry with the very noticeable context of “God told me to do this” included. These statements were augmented by KCM literature as well. See our post The AF44 Miracle and Kenneth Copeland’s Promises for the details, including video footage of Copeland making the promises (with much fanfare).
  • In April, 2007, KCM sent a “partner letter” offering of the book I wrote, Angel Flight 44, to their entire partner base. I estimate that this event alone added a minimum of $1.24 million into their GENERAL FUND (i.e. not into the defunct “AF44 fund” or their subsequent “relief fund”). See our posts Angel Flight 44: The Book and Angel Flight 44: The Money for all the details.
  • During May and June of 2007, I began to become very concerned regarding whether Copeland, Glen Hyde, and KCM, were going to carry through on their promises due to their obvious inactivity regarding the formation of the new “Angel Flight 44 ministry.”
  • By July, 2007, I was very alarmed and sent Glen Hyde this email on July 19, 2007 about the matter. When the inactivity continued, I then sent Glen Hyde this stronger email a month later on August 16, 2007. (Note: I have never made these emails available to the public before, so these documents are brand new downloads for your review. They have also been partially redacted in order to keep especially private information — such as email addresses and the personal financial information about Glen Hyde — hidden from view for obvious privacy considerations.)
  • Things escalated into hostilities between me and Glen Hyde over my constantly increasing insistence that he and Kenneth Copeland perform their promises. This eventually resulted in my directly confronting these matters with KCM (and everyone involved) through a 31-page document hand-delivered by KCM security to everyone in January, 2008. This was followed up seven weeks later with a fax to KCM’s executive offices in March, 2008. To date, the only contact I have received from KCM regarding these matters directly is the voicemail left for me by Eileen Lawton, personal assistant at that time to John Copeland. That voicemail can be heard on our FAQ page here.
  • Subsequently, all NEW editions of the Angel Flight 44 book were removed from the market in April, 2008 (though used copies still circulate on even today).
  • Seven months after our last correspondence to KCM, we launched in October, 2008 in order to emphasize to them that these issues were not going away. However, since we were reluctant to divulge the information we had (as our purpose was their repentance and not their harm) we did NOT initially populate the blog with the details of this apparent fraud. Only the introductory posts on the Table of Contents page, along with the posts about Senator Grassley’s televangelist investigation and Kenneth E. Hagin’s previous Rebuke of Copeland were included at that time. Our sources have indicated that serious “damage control” measures were subsequently implemented at Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC). Nevertheless, nobody from KCM ever bothered to contact us to address or resolve these issues.
  • Fourteen months after launching the website we began fully populating the Mysterious Disappearance of Angel Flight 44 section of this blog (in January, 2010 )with text, downloads, videos, and details; and we began issuing press releases about this apparent public fraud. As a result, KCM no longer ignores us or these issues. However, they have never tried to contact us, nor have they shown ANY signs of remorse or biblical repentance for their apparent fraud and deceit.
  • In March of 2010, KCM finally threw together a quasi Angel Flight 44 “ministry” as part of a major effort to quell the negative media exposure these issues had brought them. You can read about their belated efforts within our posts The Miraculous ‘Reappearance’ Of AF44 and Copeland’s Haitian Deception, as well as on Christian Today Reports on AF44 Controversy (where you can click over and see what an independent reporter discovered about these matters).
  • We have even waited four months since our last post on this topic (in March, 2010) before filing this newest update (which is based in-part upon an event that occurred last April).
  • Lastly, at the time this update was posted (July 22, 2010), there had been NO new announcements from KCM regarding Angel Flight 44 or KCM’s Haitian relief efforts posted on their website. This confirms to us that their efforts were merely “damage control” and a publicity stunt rather than a true commitment to that mission (though we do not doubt they will add something soon, now that we have posted this observation here on


Very Patient, Indeed:


This entire journey of confrontation began over three years ago this month (July, 2010). We have prayed intensely over each and every step that we have taken; and we have always ensured that we are following biblical protocols with our every action.

Moreover, we have obviously shown great restraint to date as we have been very slow (and even reluctant) to publicize the evidence indicating Kenneth Copeland and KCM’s frauds in these matters. Again, our objective has always been their repentance and NOT their harm. With so much time having elapsed, however, we can surely say as Isaiah did:


All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations… (Isaiah 65:2 NIV, but see also Romans 10:2)


On their part, Kenneth Copeland and his family, along with KCM in general, have surely been models of hypocrisy and contradiction. For example, Kenneth Copeland repeatedly said that “God” instructed him to form the new AF44 ministry. However, in their first press release in response to our own regarding these matters, KCM spokesperson, James Tito, wrote:


The ministry decided that the best use of resources would be to start a disaster relief fund, and to determine the best course of action on a case by case basis. (KCM Press Release dated January 26, 2010)


There is a VERY significant contradiction between what Kenneth Copeland said in 2006-2007 (which you can view yourself in the videos, as mentioned above) and what KCM said after we called them out into the public spotlight in this matter in 2010. These two contradictory assertions can ONLY be reconciled logically by adding one or more of the following three explanations:

  1. Kenneth Copeland’s “god” is not the omnipotent and omniscient God revealed in the Bible. (In other words, Copeland’s “god” seems to be confused and incompetent.) Or…
  2. Kenneth Copeland does worship the God of the Bible, but he and KCM were in complete disobedience to God’s instructions because they thought they had a “better” plan than He did. (That is, until recently. Now they are in partial disobedience in that they have not yet publicly confessed their guilt and repented of their previous disobedient inaction). Or…
  3. Kenneth Copeland simply lied when he said, “God” told him to do this. (So when Copeland changed his mind about the matter, he had to cover it up lest someone think that he might not be a true prophet after all.)

One cannot reconcile these two contradictory positions of Copeland and KCM apart from applying one (or more) of the above logical propositions as well. Obviously, number two would be the least damning; but regardless of which of the three one might apply, it is obvious from them all that the Copelands have significant need to repent.

(Note: I  will refrain from giving you my opinion as to which of the the three might apply to this situation, but you are certainly welcome to form your own conclusions in this matter.)

Regardless of how we reconcile such contradictions as the one example given above: Since the Copeland family (and KCM in general) seem determined NOT to “come clean” publicly and to truly repent of the AF44 fiasco that we have addressed (and the many sins committed therein), it seems that we might have to ONCE AGAIN expand’s public confrontation beyond what we have to date (and very soon).

However, let’s just keep our discussion limited to this particular AF44 update for the time being…


Most Recent Events:


Returning to discuss Kenneth Copeland’s (inadvertent) written confession of guilt…

In a very ironic twist to this ongoing AF44 saga, KCM sent out ANOTHER partner letter regarding their alleged “Angel Flight 44 Ministry” this past April, 2010 — exactly THREE YEARS after their first AF44 “partner” mailing wherein they took in a minimum of $1.24 million into their general fund !!!

Never being ones to let a good opportunity for raising cash slip them by, KCM’s NEW Angel Flight 44-related mailer has once again all the key ingredients to raise funds from their mailing-list base through yet-another AF44 “promise.” You can download scanned full-copies of both the original April, 2007 mailer and this latest April, 2010 mailer below for your full review and comparison:

KCM April, 2007 Partner Letter, with Donor Card and Flyer insert included

KCM April, 2010 Partner Letter, with Donor Card and Flyer insert included

(Right-click “save as” to download these directly to your computer.Adobe PDF downloads on this page may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes by email, on a website, or by any other means. Adobe PDF Reader 8.0 or higher is required for viewing, which is free):


His ‘Bad Confession’:


The key citation (pun intended) containing Copeland’s admission of guilt was the following statement in this latest “AF44” promise partner mailing, as a part of his “Haitian AF44 mission” explanation:


…Oh, thank God! Did I take the assignment? Absolutely! We immediately doubled our efforts. Angel Flight’s Super DC3 with which we partnered during Hurricane Katrina, was in for inspection, so we chartered a DC3 from Miami. At the same time we put extra people on Brother Glen Hyde’s Super 3 at Angel Flight to get Angel 44 back in the air. We also have a great mission-flying husband-and-wife team who came on board with their Cessna 206 to haul medical supplies, and in some cases medical personnel, into small, unimproved airstrips and roads that are within a few minutes’ flight from our Partners’ orphanages, clinics, churches, compounds, etc., that are taking care of thousands of people. Not one of our orphans was killed. There were only a few minor injuries. Thank God for the Word of His power, and knowing how to use it.

We are building up our resources, such as the rest of our air fleet the Lord Jesus instructed us to build. This includes the final work to be done on the Super 3, the purchase of a Quest Kodiak, a special missionary-built medium-size cargo and people hauler, and additional operational gear. All this is not only for Haiti, but for future operations in the perilous times of these last days.


This is a very direct confirmation of what I had put in our Did Kenneth Copeland Just Commit Another Aid Fraud? press release when I wrote:


…After that, according to my information, Glen Hyde’s airplane sat on the tarmac of Denton Airport in Texas gathering bird poop from August of 2006 until February 2010 — it was not helping anyone (as Copeland had pledged). Once we openly documented Copeland’s broken promises, however, Copeland apparently found new “motivation” to get that airplane flying again; and the required FAA C-check and maintenance was recently performed to permit this Haitian flight….


Copeland (inadvertently) confirmed in his “partner” letter the following very clearly:

  • The Super DC3 was not operational, as the FAA required “C-check” inspection had never been performed since 2005 (i.e. just after Hurricane Katrina). I have official copies of the FAA records for this aircraft (obtainable here) plus other corroborative information. Consequently, I personally know that there was NEVER a C-check performed before the one just performed by KCM’s aviation department (along with Glen Hyde) this past Spring; as was also indicated by Copeland himself above.
  • Thus, Copeland has once again provided further evidence that NOBODY was being helped by this airplane until the articles and press releases forced them to get this aircraft operational. Since they had not built the ministry that they had promised, we can add here that nobody was being helped by ANY plane from KCM’s fleet following the many natural disasters that had occurred since Copeland’s commitments to the partners of KCM.
  • As a surprise to me, Copeland indicated that their rush to get some sort of AF44 mission accomplished as quickly as possible required them to charter another Douglas DC3 for the flight operation. (This was apparently a “regular” DC3, and not a “Super” version like Glen’s.) I had assumed they were able to get Glen Hyde’s Super-DC operational in time for the Haitian flight, but Copeland has proved me wrong on that one assumption — but he also revealed how truly desperate he was to get a mission airborne sooner rather than later (i.e. before Glen’s Super DC3 was ready for flight).

So in short, Kenneth Copeland has once again provided with additional corroborating evidence of KCM’s documentable fraud and deceptions. (Though we would have preferred that he simply confess his sins publicly, repented, and changed his ways.)

Also, did you notice that Copeland also stated in the citation above, “We are building up our resources, such as the rest of our air fleet the Lord Jesus instructed us to build?” He just said again that “God” instructed him to do this; which again does NOT agree with KCM’s official statements to the contrary. So can we believe Copeland any more this time than we could the last time he promised these same things?

Well, that is the latest update on the AF44 fiasco for our website’s advocates and anybody else interested herein.

More to come later…not only on THIS topic (as events might occur) but also on some OTHER documentable KCM frauds as well. Consequently, we and our advocates are still calling on Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his ministry, to simply repent.

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Grace and blessings to all of you who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity (Ephesians 6:24)..

Always in Jesus,

-Rich Vermillion


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