Grassley’s Bombshells, Media’s Confusion




Grassley’s Bombshells, Media’s Confusion



Yesterday, January 6th, 2011, Senator Grassley issued a press release that summarized his offices findings to date regarding the Senate Finance Committee’s (SFC) investigation of six televangelists. His release included PDF downloads that were loaded with some real bombshells.

However, the one AP news wire report that is being promulgated by the various media outlets seems to have been written by someone who did not bother to read these attachments. Or if he/she did, they did not seem to get the full impact. So I wanted to take a few moments to note a few key things, and then encourage our many advocates to study his release in more detail; and then be proactive in getting the real story out to the media and through your websites.



Quoted and Named


The first note I would like to make is that I was personally quoted and named within two of the attachments: The report about EMIC/KCM, of course, and the report about Creflo Dollar as well. You can download those and simply do a search for “Vermillion” in Adobe Reader’s search window, and quickly find those statements and citations.

One of them, however, inadvertently mixed some of my quote with one from a “Informant D” who worked for KCM. So it appears in that one quote that I was involved in the actual $2.1 million “birthday gift” efforts from a logistical standpoint, when in fact, I was not. However, I’ll cut the report’s preparer, Lynda Simmons, some slack on that simple error. She had a lot to read and digest in order to build that otherwise excellent report.

Interestingly, the Creflo Dollar report is the only one that mentions the Angel Flight 44 multimillion dollar fraud of Copeland. Ms. Simmons referenced that event when introducing a quote of mine, so that the Senator would know my stance with regard to Copeland. So be sure to study that report’s citation of me in particular.

However, not everybody was so bold as to put their name out there with specific quotes. That is one of the key bombshells here: The absolute paranoia of informants. Could these really be “ministries” if they instill such FEAR in potential informants? Obviously, the fact that these people have something to report is the first proof that they are not. But the fear issue shows you how evil these groups really are (especially the 4 televangelists who did not cooperate with the investigation).



Fear Mongers


Take note also of the SFC’s internal memo, dated January 6th, 2011. It is included in that download list, the very first page has a subsection entitled, “Issuing Subpoenas” which contains probably the biggest bombshell. Here is what those staff members explained (bold emphasis mine):

While gathering the requested information on the four churches from other sources, we also continued to reach out to the lawyers for the four churches. When it became obvious that we would not be receiving complete responses, we entered into conversations with the Chairman‘s staff as well as Senate Legal Counsel to issue subpoenas. We noted that the subpoenas you had agreed to issue as Chairman or Ranking Member had all been “friendly”. That is, they were issued to an individual who wanted to provide information to the Committee but needed to be protected by a subpoena request.

As noted above, we spoke with several informants in completing our reviews of the four churches did not comply with your requests. Almost all of those who spoke with us insisted on complete anonymity while others were too frightened to speak with us even anonymously. Some had received warnings from the churches that they would be sued if they violated confidentiality agreements they had signed. Even though we explained that a subpoena should protect them from retaliation, including lawsuits, some became even more frightened when offered a “friendly” subpoena. They became concerned about needing an attorney and still feared retaliation by the churches. As a result, we believed that issuing subpoenas to informants would be counterproductive.

These people were so frightened by the threatened retaliation from those “ministries” that they would not even give their names! Even when the SFC staff explained that they would be protected from retaliation by these “friendly” subpoenas, they were STILL too afraid to come forward with their information in full.

What kind of monsters did they work for?



Cowards Masquerading as Clergy


In the case of Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” (KCM), I happen to know quite a lot about these snarling “wolves.” The main thing I have discovered is that they are actually wearing dentures—i.e. they have no real “teeth,” and they use  show and sound effects to frighten the “sheep” into submission.

My personal experience with the Copelands and their alleged “ministry” is that they are complete COWARDS. When Kenneth Copeland decided to renege on his promise to the KCM partners and privately decided NOT to form the Angel Flight 44 ministry (despite the $2-4 million is brought into KCM’s general fund) he hid from me. When I kept pressing Glen Hyde on the issue, the two decided to get rid of me. So Mr. Hyde began a smear campaign against me to do just that.

However, I did something that they did NOT expect. I showed up at KCM’s front desk with a box filled with 31-page spiral bound documents laying out my concerns in response. That really freaked them out. I not only did not “run and hide” like they were used to people doing, I showed up at their front desk with legal documents and copies of the abridged edition of the Angel Flight 44 book (the same version which won an award from Excellence in Media). So they REALLY began to hide from me then.

After leaving a few voice mail messages with the executive secretaries, I received the phone call response from Eileen Lawton—John Copeland’s personal secretary—which you can listen to on our FAQ page. When you listen to it, you can probably tell from her tone and manner that they were nervous. The were also certainly not willing to meet me face to face or to talk with me on the phone.

Then after another week or so, I contacted them again. This time I talked with Delaine Neece, Kenneth and Gloria’s personal assistant (and Gloria’s former sister-in-law, though she never changed her name after the divorce). She was extremely polite and courteous, of course. (Her demeanor was similar to that of Eileen Lawton’s voicemail. )However, all she could do was confirm that the Copelands had both received their copies of the documents/books I had dropped off. Again, none of the family or executives were willing to get with me on the phone or to meet in person.

When we launched in October of 2008 to let them know that I was not going away, my sources indicated to me that they had some “damage control” meetings. In other words, they tried to mitigate the effects internally at KCM/EMIC (because everybody knew who I was) but there was no public response. Furthermore, again, nobody was willing to talk. Nobody tried to contact me. They just hid in their cave again.

In 2010 that all changed, however. When we began documenting their frauds under the Mysterious Disappearance of Angel Flight 44 section on the Table of Contents page—and issuing press releases—they came out of their cave long enough to try and negate our effects upon their public relations and budget. Of course, there was still no direct contact efforts.

Let me also add that there were also NO law suit threats, no attempt to “intimidate” me, or any other of their standard fear mongering tactics. Why?

  1. They knew I was immune to their fear attempts anyway, as my behavior up to that point clearly revealed.
  2. They have no intentions to sue ANYBODY. That would put their frauds and evil into the public record, and they certainly do not want that to happen!

So again, to all the ex-employees out there (and any current employees that may be reading this) you have NOTHING to be afraid of from the Copelands. They are cowards. They are liars. I have documented that to be the fact on this website, and my own testimony is an example to you that there is truly nothing to fear from these toothless “wolves.”

Besides that: You have LEGAL rights. KCM has likely violated both civil and criminal law in threatening you as they did anyway, so I recommend you contact a good law firm that specializes in such matters. In Texas, there is even a special “Whistleblower Act” that protects you, along with other applicable laws, I am sure.

What is amazing to me is that nobody has yet launched a “Class-Action Law Suit “against KCM and/or many of these other wolves. There are plenty of assets to seize to pay for the lawyers, and certainly plenty of people who have been defrauded. However, perhaps time will see one appear as more and more people wake up to the fact that they have been defrauded by these false ministers.



Grassley’s Actual Position


So in closing, let me state that Senator Grassley’s position on the matter is a sound one: He basically is calling on the Body of Christ to police itself, and to be proactive at making changes so that the government does not have to interfere in church matters. (He is also considering some changes to current law, which would require more disclosures by some types of ministries, such as salaries, etc.) I agree.

It is time for the Church to wake up to the fact that 1 Corinthians chapter 6 is NOT a “do not sue the brethren” chapter as many have supposed. It is actually a “straighten these matters out internally, and not before the heathen” chapter. In short, that chapter supports Grassley’s position. That means we have to get busy and hold these wolves accountable ourselves. was launched not only to rebuke the Copelands, but to also demonstrate a modern application of the biblical standard for others to follow. In other words, Christians need to do what we have done: Take the documentable sins of wolves public, and warn others what they are really all about. Share your testimony with everyone who will listen, and refuse to be “frightened” into submission to these evil people.

Note the word “documentable” again above. We have strove to hold a high standard on this website, in contrast to much of the “stuff” out there on the Internet about the Copelands. I encourage others to do the same thing.

Of course, your personal testimony is just that, your testimony. If you can, document that too. If not, share it anyway. That is what “witnesses” are for in a court of law—to tell what they know and have seen or heard.

Most of all: Wake up church! These people are criminals hiding behind religion! Stop supporting them with your money; stop buying their materials; stop attending their meetings. The days for “itching ears” is over, if we ever want to see true revival that results in millions of souls being genuinely saved.

Lastly, let me note that 1 Corinthians chapter 6 discusses the embarrassment that the Body of Christ might suffer before the heathen if our “internal” issues are taken public. That certainly applied to that time period, as the heathen knew very little about the Church. The apostle did not want the internal squabbles to hinder the spread of the Gospel.

That would also apply to most church-level issues and disputes today. There is no reason to broadcast ALL of the problems within the church. The public would not want to hear it anyway, so why tarnish the church’s reputation within the community?

However, that restriction does NOT apply today to televangelists and other very public “wolves.” The general public already knows about these con artists, and they stare at the Church in wonderment that we put up with such obvious fraud. So with regard to such “ministries,” we in the Body of Christ are in the same position as the prophets of old were when they stated to the apostate nation of Israel, “My Name is blasphemed before the Gentiles because of you!” So we need to be proactive, and to lift up a righteous standard. If you have never heard any teaching along these lines before, I recommend that you read my article, Preachers of Righteousness, and get busy for the Kingdom.

Many thanks to all our advocates out there. Thank you for spreading the word about these things, and for standing up for righteousness with us. We truly do appreciate you all. Your efforts are helping us to call on Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his alleged “ministry” to simply repent.

For our next (and more recent) article on the Grassley investigation, please proceed to Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” Lies Again.


Always in Jesus,

-Rich Vermillion



Note: Rich Vermillion is available to ex-employees and other “whistleblowers” using this website’s Whistleblower Contact Form. All identities are kept confidential, and Rich does NOT publicize information that might reveal those who contact him. Rich also  typically provides pastoral counseling to those recovering from the traumas suffered from KCM/EMIC ministry abuse as his schedule permits.

Rich is also available to talk to the media via this website’s Media Contact Form.




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