A Special Note from Rich’s Wife




A Special Note from Rich’s Wife



I am so grateful that we have had this opportunity to help so many people who have been hurt or misled by Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” (KCM), and other similar organizations. Since the launch of this website back in October of 2008, we have had numerous (even documented) reports from people who have worked for KCM—some for over a decade—who all had similar testimonies of  the ungodly emotional terrorism that they experienced at the place that proudly states, “We’re Here for You.” It is our sincere hope that KennethCopelandBlog.com continues to bring much healing to those people and to their families. It is also our strong desire that those within the Copeland family and among the leaders of KCM will take the things that we say to heart and judge themselves—for they will one day face the One Who is above us all (even above Kenneth Copeland), Who will certainly judge righteously.

We have been told by some whistle-blowers that the faithful ex-employees of KCM were (and are) heavily intimidated by the various fear tactics used towards them by the “ministry” that boasts of “No Fear Here.”  Those who were fired were apparently pressured into signing (illegal?) confidentiality agreements, and were told by these ministers of Satan about potential legal ramifications if they ever spoke out. This fear tactic of law suit threats is also documented on the recent report from Senator Grassley’s office. (By the way, in case you have been wondering what might be the REAL reason why KCM’s website says they are “Now Hiring” during this economic recession, it is because they have “Been Firing” long-term, higher-paid employees in order to cut their overhead. So it is not really expansion that is happening, but rather down-sizing.)

The workers were also told that if they spoke out and told people that KCM had fired them, then “God” would strike their households for “touching God’s anointed” (i.e. Kenneth and Gloria—the “only ones” who have a pipeline straight to God…almost up there with the Trinity in some people’s minds).

God’s anointed what? I’m trying to figure out what they are “anointed” to do. “Anointed” to give false prophesies to their buddies? “Anointed” to received obscene salaries (by faith, of course) and to fly around in style to spread heresy? “Anointed” to…well, you fill in the blank. This does not compute. And why do these ravenous wolves think that they are not guilty of “touching God’s anointed,” when they crush members of the Body of Christ (i.e. members of the Anointed One) repeatedly? My friends, the Copeland family’s public image persona does not at all seem to line up with their behind-the-scenes dealings with people.

We once told an associate pastor of KCM’s Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC) about some major concerns that we had about one of their favorite guest ministers. He told us that he was very interested in what we had to say but that we needed to provide documentation.  That was fair. (You can probably tell by this website that we are actually very much in favor of documenting things.) So we gave proof to him.

He later came back with the cowardly reply that we should “lay low” about it. (He had obviously received instruction from his superior on the matter.) He told us that this errant “minister” we warned them about was in “very good standing with the ‘ministry'” (i.e. KCM/EMIC)—that is, in the form of writing big checks, of course—and that if we pushed the issue any further, it would “harm our relationship with Kenneth” (God forbid!). He also told us that this might harm our own ministry future (as if Kenneth was the one who had called us into the ministry, and was the most influential member on God’s advisory board or something).

The fact that this particular guest “minister” was also an admitted member “in very good standing” of a Satanic cult was completely irrelevant to the EMIC leadership. Can you see a serious absence of the fear of God here? Can you also see the propensity of this associate “pastor” to almost deify Kenneth, to the point that what God’s Word said about this issue suddenly did not matter at all in his decision-making? His “counsel” to us was very telling. It showed us his complete lack of character. But, after all, that is likely why he was placed in such a high position at EMIC to begin with.

This guy was apparently typical of those in leadership positions there. More titles! More status! More popularity! In their minds, no one gets promoted in ministry except through Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. My friends, this is nothing more than unrefined idolatry—just pure and raw, straight from Hell itself. That same EMIC associate pastor told us that he liked titles. He laughed when he said it, but anyone hearing it (and seeing the fruit in his life) could tell he really meant it.

On a closing note, let me point out we are not in the same exact category as those who have been directly abused by KCM in some way (though we were indirectly mistreated by them). Unlike many of our whistle-blowers, we were never employed by KCM. There is also no desire for “revenge” in our hearts. There is no “standing up for our rights” going on here.

Rather, we are simply standing up for righteousnesspartially for the sake of those who cannot speak out for themselves (i.e. because they have been threatened so harshly by these ravening wolves). We are bringing many things about KCM/EMIC out into the light where these issues can be exposed, confronted, and judged according to God’s Word. It is our prayer that KennethCopelandBlog.com continues to bring healing to the wounded—and that it results in a compulsion to repent in the hearts of the evildoers.


Blessings to all of you who serve Him,

-Donna Vermillion

Donna Vermillion






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