The Radio Intervew is Now Available On-Demand (Updated June 17, 2011)

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The Radio Interview is Now Available On-Demand



A quick follow-up note to all our advocates: My interview about Kenneth Copeland on a blog-talk radio program called “Prophetic News” has been posted online as an on-demand program. The show will be about one hour long, and my host Susan Puzio, did a great job keeping me on topic.

One correction: I had Susan mixed up with someone else when I wrote before that she was a RHEMA graduate. Actually, she was not; but she did work for Norvel Hayes. That clarification was given by her during the interview.

The interview started off a bit slow as we were both getting used to each other. Pretty soon, however, we were really bouncing off each other during the interview. Things flowed smoothly and quickly from one point to another from that moment onward. In fact, even though it was a “live call-in show,” Susan never took a single call because we began covering so much information!

Update (May 15, 2011): The man I referred to within the interview who tried to correct/rebuke Kenneth Copeland in the mid 1980s for “prophesying” a heretical statement, was Walter Martin. (I could not remember his name at the time.) A detailed rebuttal of that heresy, and a brief account of Martin’s attempts to correct Copeland, can be read online here. A description of Martin’s warnings to the church on his last TBN appearance, and actual video of that appearance, can be viewed here.

Also, to download the “Revival Capital of the World” brochure that I mentioned during the program—which pertains to the fraudulent way the Copelands obtained the Eagle Mountain property where their “ministry” headquarters is now located— please click here. (Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.0 or higher is required to read the attachment). The interview embedded below will provide you brief context as to how this brochure was likely used to fraudulently obtain the property at a discount, and to solicit funds from unsuspecting donors back in the lat 1970s and early 1980s. (End update)

Advocates of our redemptive project should really enjoy this program. I even shared some information during the interview that we have not yet published on this website or elsewhere. So here is the embed, through which you can listen to the show on-demand right here on (Note: Please refresh this page if the following media embed does not display correctly):


Listen to internet radio with Susan Puzio on Blog Talk Radio

Click here to visit the program page directly.

Update (June 17, 2011): It is also available on YouTube, with the following video embed. This video version includes the ENTIRE audio (which was cut off during the Internet radio program because Susan and I lost track of time…chuckle):



Blessings to all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.

Always in Jesus,


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