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The original premise behind KennethCopelandBlog.com is exactly what the byline says in the graphic at the top of every page: Donna and I, along with our family, and those who work with us in ministry, were (and still are) calling on Kenneth Copeland, his family, and ministry, to simply repent. As you proceed through this blog’s articles and videos—which begins on the Table of Contents page—you will readily see the redemption-focused nature of our efforts.

Of course, since we have actually known and worked with Kenneth Copeland personally, our insights into his ministry and practices makes this public rebuke far different that those of others on the Internet. With this point in mind, let me give you a little history about this website.


How it all started:

Originally, I thought of this website as a “minister to errant-minister” open rebuke (i.e., one very similar to the event recorded within Galatians chapter 2). We also launched this website toward the end of 2008 with only four original posts:

Donna’s and my thinking at the time was that perhaps a proverbial “shot across the bow” with just a few posts on this website was sufficient to get the attention of the Copeland family, and perhaps would lead them to reconsider their fraudulent ways and repent. Indeed, the Copelands DID take us seriously…but only so far as to do “damage control” around Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” (KCM) and Eagle Mountain International “Church” (EMIC). I was well known around those circles for a variety of reasons, chief of which was writing a book with Kenneth Copeland.

So to try and minimize our effect, they blocked our website from being able to be viewed on KCM/EMIC computers so that employees would not see it. They also did all that they could (quietly) to undermine my credibility by using the KCM/EMIC “grapevine.” Someone attending there later sent an email to a third person that was forward to me, in which he wrote (paraphrased), “I do not know Rich Vermillion personally because I came here after he had left. But all I know about him is that he has a bad reputation here.”

Indeed, I most certainly do.


Where it went next:

Nevertheless, we waited. We truly hoped something would get through to them. Yet, after waiting for over a year for some sign that the Copelands were going to change or fulfill ANY of their multimillion dollar donor-funded promises (see the AF44 Executive Summary for an overview of this information), we concluded that they were not in the least bit interested in demonstrating honor and integrity.

Thus, in January 2010 we prayed extensively about what to do next. The Haitian earthquake disaster turned out to be the proverbial “last straw” for us regarding Kenneth Copeland’s failure to form a humanitarian flight ministry as promised (after raising $ millions to do so). So later that month we began to expose the fraud that we had seen with our personal eyes, and then launched a series of press releases to get public attention—and the attention of the Copelands. We were successful on both counts, as KCM was forced to publicly respond and the Christian Today online news website broke a story on the matter.

We certainly had the Copelands’ attention then…but yet, we did not get any truthful response from them. Kenneth Copeland actually admitted (accidentally) that he had failed to keep his promises, but he did not really come “clean” on the matter or truly repent. In fact, he and his alleged “ministry” simply committed another aid fraud instead.

About this time, something else began to happen: Namely, we began to hear from ex-employees and others who knew the Copelands. They were drawn to our website, and reached out to us to let us know what they knew about this alleged “ministry” too. In several instances, these people were also able to provide evidence and documentation to support their claims (just like we did on this website ourselves). Some of the older evidence they provided even demonstrated to us that the Copelands had ALWAYS been frauds and liars. Pretty soon, we had to grapple with the question whether the Copelands were ever saved at all, because all we could see were “wolves in sheep’s clothing” devouring the money of their followers:

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

(Matthew 7:15-20, NKJV)

Thus, the nature of this website began to change soon afterwards. It began to take on an even stronger “warn people about these wolves” character. This is because we finally realized that this was NOT about a simple “minister to errant-minister public rebuke” alone, but rather, we are dealing with what the Bible calls “false brethren” (e.g., see 2 Corinthians 11:26 and Galatians 2:4, along with 2 Peter chapters 2-3 and the entire book of Jude, etc.) in regard to the Copelands and their wolfish friends.

So we expanded our coverage to reveal the Copelands’ tumultuous past (in-part to help their most cult-like followers to know these people are actually human beings and not deities to be worshiped). We began to also discuss the Copeland family’s ties to Freemasonry and Mormons, and even to include articles regarding some of the Copeland family’s “wolf buddies.” (See the Table of Contents page for a complete listing.) In other words, we have expanded beyond the AF44 fraud issue alone. We realized that we had to demonstrate why the Copeland family and their wolf-pack of associates are very bad people who need to be avoided at all costs…lest they empty your wallet of all its cash and your soul of any semblance of the correct knowledge of God.


Some unhappy campers:

Of course, along the way we have had our share of “Copelandites” (i.e., the most cult-like followers) send us “rebukes” for our rebuke. This is, of course, always self-refuting regarding their criticisms. After all, if I am wrong for rebuking Copeland, why are they “rebuking” me for rebuking Copeland? Their argument self-contradicts, and thus, is nullified by their own actions. We even received “hate email” to tell us that we need to learn how to “walk in love” (which is highly hypocritical, to say the least).

Nevertheless, such things go with the territory. Whenever anyone endeavors to stand up for truth in the face of idolatry and lies, persecution will happen. Note, for example, what Jesus said within His “Sermon on the Mount” regarding this subject:

Blessed are you when men hate you, and ostracize you, and insult you, and scorn your name as evil, for the sake of the Son of Man. Be glad in that day and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven. For in the same way their fathers used to treat the prophets. But woe to you who are rich, for you are receiving your comfort in full. Woe to you who are well-fed now, for you shall be hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep. Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way.

(Luke 6:22-26, NKJV)

So it is understandable that those who laud a false prophet, like Kenneth Copeland, would be highly upset with me for exposing him. Thus, I consider it an honor to be counted among those who are persecuted in the same manner that the true prophets of the Scriptures were.

On the other hand, we have also made many new friends during this journey as other people who are concerned about the state of the “organized church” in America and other Western nations gravitated toward us. We have also heard from people who expressed to us that this very website enabled them to finally awaken about the wolfish nature of KCM/EMIC. In fact, even the Copelands’ lawyers admitted within their documents during their failed effort to take this domain away from us that we have had a major effect in undermining their marketing efforts. (Yes, KCM/EMIC claims to be a “church,” but it is really a tax-exempt commercial business, as even their registered U.S. trademarks clearly explain.) Thus, despite the backlash of persecution from the more cultist followers of Kenneth Copeland et al., the significant good fruit that this website has generated has far outweighed the futile attacks that came against us.  🙂


A few closing points…

Some people reading this may wish to know who this is that is rebuking the “Godfather of Prosperity” (as Kenneth Copeland has been called by the media). So to learn more about me and my ministry, I recommend that you review the video placed within the right column of this blog. You can also review my articles at my personal ministry blog, RichVermillion.com, a few of which are already included in links on the Table of Contents page of this website. The combination of these resources should help you to understand my own ministry and approach to the Scriptures, etc.

Regarding KennethCopelandBlog.com specifically: Our new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page will provide you several key additional details regarding this redemptive effort, such as answering the question of whether I talked to the Copelands about the AF44 matters personally before going public. Again, our heartfelt desire is to see the Copeland family and KCM get saved and turn away from the sins that we are addressing on this blog and to warn others about their wolfish nature. The FAQ page will reveal several more points in this regard.

The Notices page will provide you the legal information about what we are doing. You can even read an article on this website about how Kenneth Copeland tried (and failed) to take this URL (website address) away from us by sicking his lawyers on us. We have also provided lots and lots of news videos about the Copelands (some of which are no longer available online anywhere else).


Prayer request:

As you review the information contained on this website, we encourage you to pray for the Copelands. It is our desire that they (and their wolfish friends) would repent of their fraud, deceit, Freemasonry, and their other wickedness, and finally embrace the REAL Gospel of Jesus Christ and get saved.

We also would appreciate prayer on our behalves because this project is a painful obligation in our eyes (i.e. necessary, but certainly not enjoyable). We always need God’s wisdom and strength for this redemptive effort.

Oh, and if you would like to read Donna’s thoughts on these matters directly, please go to her first article on this website: A Special Note from Rich’s Wife

Lastly, let us point out that if you would prefer to see any page in another language, click the appropriate flag icon at the top of the right column.

Blessings to everyone who follows Jesus Christ and His Word in purity, and with all their hearts.


Always in Jesus,

-Rich and Donna Vermillion, and their family


Rich and Donna Vermillion


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