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All the videos on this page are in English. This list contains the latest news reports (that we are aware of) concerning Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Copeland Ministries. They are grouped by source and then listed in chronological order (as best as can be determined). They are offered here as a source of additional data and context, but we do not necessarily agree with every point or perspective conveyed throughout these reports. We also do not endorse any random commercials contained within those videos streaming off of the news media websites.

Since many of these were posted to YouTube (or elsewhere) by others, let me also note that we do not necessarily agree with the choice of titles for these uploaded videos. Again, our objective here at is the redemption of the Copelands—but not everyone who posts videos online has that concept in mind.

Before you review the news articles and embedded videos below, however, I encourage you to consider this brief article that proceeds them…


How God Uses The Media

It is important to note that the media is actually playing an important role in helping to hold the Copelands accountable to a biblical standard.

Consider, for a moment, the history of Israel as recorded in the Scriptures. When reviewing various passages of the historical books of the Bible (such as the following one from the Book of Judges) anyone can readily see how the Lord even used “enemy nations” to bring judgment and accountability to Israel whenever they strayed from His righteous precepts:


Then the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and served the Baals; and they forsook the LORD God of their fathers, who had brought them out of the land of Egypt; and they followed other gods from among the gods of the people who were all around them, and they bowed down to them; and they provoked the LORD to anger. They forsook the LORD and served Baal and the Ashtoreths.

And the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel. So He delivered them into the hands of plunderers who despoiled them; and He sold them into the hands of their enemies all around, so that they could no longer stand before their enemies. Wherever they went out, the hand of the LORD was against them for calamity, as the LORD had said, and as the LORD had sworn to them. And they were greatly distressed. (Judges 2:11-15, NKJV)


So though some might criticize the media for their motives or methods of reporting on the Copelands, it is the firm opinion of the founders of that the media is actually being used by God. For what purpose? To awaken that family and ministry to their need for immediate repentance—regardless of whether the media actually realizes the role they are playing within God’s plan for the Copeland family’s redemption.

Although some of the media might have ulterior motives for reporting on these things (e.g. ratings & etc.), it happens to be a fact that some of these reporters (e.g. Brett Shipp) actually profess to be Christians. Moreover, virtually all the reports derive much of their information from Christian sources—including other ministries that at least profess to be Christian. Consider for an example the following news documentary about Ministry Watch—a Christian watchdog group—and consider how news reports are based in large measure on the Body of Christ’s own efforts to police itself:



In addition to sources like Ministry Watch above, other Christian sources for media stories (and for Senator Grassley’s investigation) about the Copelands include: The Trinity Foundation, another watchdog group that clearly professes to be Christian (though I may not agree with their every doctrine). Then there are current/former EMIC church members (who stated they were Christians when they joined the church) and current/former KCM employees (who had to profess to being Christians prior to being hired)—and even direct KCM sources, such as Kenneth Copeland’s own public statements.

So these news reports cannot rightly be construed to be entirely unfounded “secular” attacks on Christians, nor even “persecution” (in the true sense of the word). In many ways, these reports can actually be considered expressions of the concerns of many believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who feel the need to hold Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his ministry accountable—much like we do here at

(We are not stating that every report is purely Christian, of course. Just that Christians have provided much of the information, and that often for biblical purposes.)


And Now… The News Reports

Finally, let me note that some of the following embedded videos are streamed from original media sources, and we have no direct control of their content. Thus, we want to warn you that some may precede their video regarding the Copelands with commercials, some of which may not be entirely sanctified in its nature. So some viewer discretion is advised.


The Latest News Report (New! Aired May 24, 2011):

CBS’s “Inside Edition”:

The news team within this recent expose of the Copelands (and to a lesser extent, Creflo Dollar) did a marvelous job. I highly recommend that everyone view the following video embed regardless of how many of the other news videos you choose to review as well:

Kenneth Copeland, investigated on CBS's Inside Edition (click the image to play the video)

Kenneth Copeland, investigated on CBS's Inside Edition (click the image to play the video)


Local News Reports:


WFAA (Brett Shipp reporting):

UPDATE! (December 28, 2010): Two of the WFAA news videos were originally embedded on this website through YouTube. However, Kenneth Copeland Ministries appears to have gone on the “offensive” in an attempt to reduce their negative media exposure. Youtube tends to easily capitulate whenever there is the slightest suggestion of a “copyright infringement.” So despite the fact that these videos were actual news stories, and their content protected under the First Amendment of the U.S Constitution’s “Freedom of the Press” clause, and they were certainly within the “Fair Use” guidelines of U.S. Copyright law—KCM’s attorneys managed to get them removed. So I am still including those two videos here below so that you can see this for yourself. Please note the message provided by YouTube for each video embed (and don’t worry…I have copies of these videos further below which work just fine):




Nevertheless, as I noted above, I have found copies of the above two videos. Furthermore, I ALSO found the one which preceded them both. I have embedded them upon this web page—under the Fair Use provisions of U.S. copyright law—for your viewing convenience and continued education about the Copeland family’s nefarious character.

This first video is Brett Shipp’s first report on the Copeland family’s new jet, and how it was paid for by donors who sometimes exhibited cult-like devotion to funding KCM with their contributions. Now, I know that some people might be thinking, “Oh, no, Rich…that is the ministry’s jet.” However, the truth is that Kenneth Copeland has always called it “his” jet. Please take note of the citations (pun intended) from the Senate Finance Committee’s 2011 report on KCM/EMIC that I have quote on Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” Lies Again if you  have any question who Kenneth Copeland thinks owns that jet.

And with that in mind, please review the following video provided by WFAA:



This second video is Brett Shipp’s coverage of the SFC investigation on the day it was announced. Note that the above video was partially responsible for KCM being on the investigation’s “radar” in the first place, as Brett mentions during his opening introduction:



This third video is Brett Shipp’s report from the very next day following the SFC investigation report above. It is the result of Mr. Shipp’s research into ex-employee complaints about their treatment at KCM and the ongoing hypocrisy at that alleged “ministry.” This following video is particularly interesting, because the introduction voice over is none other than the SAME man who used to donate his voice over services to KCM for their Believer’s Voice of Victory Broadcasts for years. Those of you who have been watching the BVOV Broadcast for some time like we have will quickly recognize his voice. So why the change in his loyalties (i.e. still towards Jesus and the Word of God, but away from the Copelands)? My guess is that he experienced something similar to what we—and others—have in our contact with the Copelands (though I have not directly confirmed that assumption with him).

As you watch the following video and listen to the information it conveys, please listen especially for Brett Shipp’s statement, “…former employees tell News 8…that the Kenneth and Gloria Copeland that you see on TV…are not the Kenneth and Gloria of real life.” That has been our own experience with the Copeland family as well, and is one of the main messages that we want to express to the public through this website. Please listen to the testimonies of these former KCM employees very carefully:



After reviewing the three videos above (and the several more that follow) it should not be hard for most people to understand why Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” has “sicked” their attack dogs (i.e. lawyers) on YouTube in order to get that information out of the public view. Of course, we are here at will not let this revealing material disappear from the Internet anytime soon (unless they repent).

Now, here are some direct links to WFAA articles about the Copelands, many of which include video:

WFAA Direct (article): Televangelist couple at center of debt controversy

WFAA Direct (article): Jet flight records spur Copeland ministry questions

WFAA Direct (article): Appraisal board denies Copeland exemption on jet

WFAA Direct (article): ‘Red Flags’ surround prosperity of Texas televangelist

WFAA Direct (article): Televangelist Investigation Continues

WFAA Direct (article): Committee Probes Deeper into Copeland Ministry


U.S. National Media:


CBS News:

CBS news has also done several reports on the Copelands and some of their friends. These provide additional insights into how Kenneth, Gloria, and their family, conduct their affairs. (Note: These videos typically begin with commercial advertisements, over which we have no control. Viewer discretion is advised.):

A Look At ‘Prosperity Gospel’:

Huckabee’s Questionable Backer:



Eye to Eye: Church Watchdog



CBS Direct (article): Control Freak” Televangelist

CBS Direct (article): Do “Prosperity Preachers” Prey On Hope?


NBC News:

NBC news has also covered the Copelands. Though there is some topical overlap, the following video has its own new points to make as well. (Note: The producer of this video used clips of reporting on the same subject from other news sources as well, including WFAA; hence, the starting image is a WFAA studio photo. However, the video begins with the “Meet the Press” interview.):

Meet the Press, Mike Huckabee (discusses Copeland):



UPI News:

The following is an UPI news article about the Copelands:

Televangelist denied tax break for jet


International Media:

BBC News:

The BBC has covered this issue too on their American channel. It is interesting to note that the entire world wonders at the intelligence of American Christians in putting up with such obvious “wolves in sheep’s clothing” taking their money to support their own lavish lifestyles. (Note: This video MAY begin with commercial advertising from the BBC which is outside of our control. Viewer discretion is advised.):





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