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(This transcript is lightly edited to provide you the text in a proper written form, versus that of the original spoken form, and for clarity. Click on a language flag icon to the right to view this page in another language.)


(Rich Vermillion speaking): Hello. I am Rich Vermillion. Welcome to the Kenneth Copeland Blog— All the videos of this series are grouped together in a logical order, page to page, as I unfold the revelations, so to speak—the things that I feel led of the Lord to expose in these videos.

There are a lot of people talking about Kenneth Copeland these days. You have got news media and Senator Grassley and the Senate Finance Committee talking about him. The internet is full of people writing good, bad, and ugly things about him.

The difference, in my case, is that I actually know the man.

(Video clip: Kenneth Copeland speaking, 2007 KCM Minister’s Conference): …Rich, are you here this morning? Rich Vermillion? There he is right there. Wave, Rich….

(Video clip: Kenneth Copeland speaking, 2007 Southwest Believers Convention): …Rich Vermillion wrote. Rich, where are you? There he is. Stand up, Rich….

(Rich Vermillion speaking):
And I worked with him on a book project called, Angel Flight 44.

(Video clip: Kenneth Copeland speaking at the 2007 KCM Minister’s Conference): …Angel Flight 44….

(Rich Vermillion speaking): I have spent some time personally with him [Kenneth Copeland]. But I have also been [formerly] a partner with the ministry for 17 years. I was a member of Eagle Mountain International Church for a couple of years. And as a minister of the Gospel myself, I [formerly] attended the KCM Minister’s Conferences—which are invitation-only conferences that take place in January of each year at Eagle Mountain International Church—[which I attended] from 2002 until 2007. So I attended [a total of] six of the minister’s conferences.

During that time, and especially during the book project, I have had a lot of opportunity to meet a lot of people who work at the ministry or attend the church. You name it. I have met them. I have seen them. I have had a lot of exposure behind the scenes because I did five chapters in the AF44 [Angel Flight 44] book on what happened behind the scenes at Kenneth Copeland Ministries [during the Katrina Relief missions]. And then we have four chapters in that original edition book that were “Kenneth Copeland chapters” [chapters derived from edited transcriptions of a private interview with Kenneth Copeland].

(Video clip: Kenneth Copeland speaking): …and Rich took all of Glen’s notes, and we all sat down and talked to him, and Rich spent weeks and weeks and weeks putting it all together….

(Rich Vermillion speaking): So, I know a lot about this ministry [KCM]. The problem is, I know a lot of bad and ugly things—and it has especially come to light to me over the last eighteen months to two years [at the time of this video taping in October of 2008], and I feel a conviction of the Holy Spirit and the integrity of the Word [of God] compelling me to come public with what I know, about some of the issues—not all of them. I know more than I can document, so I am not going to get into the things that I cannot document.

But I know quite a few things that I can document and will be documenting [here] in this blog. So, is that public exposure and a public rebuke. Because as the byline at the top of the web site says, “I am calling on the man, his family, and his ministry to simply repent.”

Now, I have to finish the introduction so you can get into all this stuff!

First of all, let me talk about the notices. Copyright notices, licensing information, this type of stuff is shown at the front of every video in text. Also, there is a tab at the top of the [website, labeled “Notices”] that you can click on that will give you some of that basic information that will cover all the [legal] disclaimers and notices, and all the other important legal information [necessary] to keep everything proper and above reproach [regarding this blog and its contents].

This particular page in which this video is embedded is the “Table of Contents” page. What we have done is that we have listed every page of the web site and its topic right here for a quick reference. You just click on each one—I recommend you do it in sequential order the first time through because I have got a logical flow and sequence to these stories. Each one you click on pops up in a new window, so you can watch one and “x” out of it [i.e. close out the window when you are finished viewing it], and click on the next one and so forth. It is convenient, simple, and easy.

So, again, I am Rich Vermillion. Welcome to I hope you will also visit my normal ministry blog,, where I am preaching the gospel, and giving you some other [biblical teachings] about politics, economics, and you name it. You will see a link here on one of the tabs on this web site, and you can come read some of the other things that I wrote. I wrote a lot of wonderful things there, including a powerful message called, The Real Gospel. So I recommend my ministry blog as well, but in the mean time, be informed [about Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his ministry] and,  as they say,  do not drink the Kool-Aid® [swallow poison] in regards to Copeland’s ministry. I am speaking specifically to the partners and people out there who have followed him for years as I [formerly] did. Again, I was a partner for seventeen years. Most of you have never been around him personally, and I was around him quite a bit over the course of about a year to get this book project done [Angel Flight 44].

So, I am telling you, do not drink the Kool-Aid® (using a Jim Jones reference). There are some problems in that ministry [Kenneth Copeland Ministries]—not as bad as [those of] Jim Jones [a demonized man, who forced his errant cult followers to drink poison mixed with a beverage called Kool-Aid®, resulting in their deaths]—but there are some major problems in that ministry [KCM]. You need to have an open mind and an open heart. Look at the evidence, pray, and then act accordingly. God bless you, and start clicking below.

-End edited transcript-

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