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“Creflo” Post Updated to Reflect Daughter’s 911 Call




“Creflo” Post Updated to Reflect Daughter’s 911 Call



We are again VERY saddened to update our previous post about Creflo Dollar’s alleged attack on his 15-year old daughter, but embedding the audio recording of her 911 call. We have also added significant further commentary, and have expanded the “Further Information” subsection slightly too. These changes have essentially doubled the size of the original article, and thus, are certainly important new developments to review.

To view the new content, simply go directly to the article, Creflo Dollar: Arrested for Attacking Daughter, and scroll down to see the new subsection marked, “UPDATE June 12, 2012.”

From time to time as this story develops, we will likely update that original post further — but only as needed. This is a very disquieting subject, and thus, we do not want to overly dwell upon it within this website (or personally). However, since Creflo and Taffi Dollar are close friends of the Copelands, and are often featured on the television broadcasts and in their conventions, it is important that our readership be somewhat informed of these things as it reflects heavily upon the character of the Copelands themselves.

Always in Jesus,


P.S. Again, to view the new content on our previous article about this subject, simply go to Creflo Dollar: Arrested for Attacking Daughter, and scroll down to see the new subsection marked, “UPDATE June 12, 2012.”


Creflo Dollar: Arrested for Attacking Daughter




Creflo Dollar: Arrested for Attacking Daughter

(Last updated Jan 26, 2013: Scroll down to see the new additions)



This news report graphic contains the actual mug shot photo released today by the police department.

We are VERY saddened to inform our readers of the following news regarding Creflo Dollar, who is a close friend of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. It is being widely reported in the news now that Creflo was arrested early today, June 8th, 2012, at his home, for allegedly assaulting one of his daughters in the kitchen of their house. The 15-year old girl was allegedly “choked,” “punched,” and “slapped,” and even “slammed on the floor,” where further battery was reported to have taken place.

Details are still emerging, of course, as this event just happened today. Therefore, we should assume that we do NOT know the full story of those events. However, the police report lists the following specific charges:


Observed: 3899 Family Offense Free Text

Additional Offense: 1313 Simple Assault/Battery

Additional Offense: 3802 Cruelty Toward Child


Obviously, this is a very serious thing and should be cause for sadness for us all. Whatever the full truth of the matter, the emotional and psychological effects of such an incident are NOTHING to be snickered at, but should rather cause godly Christians everywhere to pray for every family member involved.

We are also concerned that this may NOT have been an isolated incident. It should be noted that Creflo has been known to use references to some of the most heinous violence even when “teaching” publicly. Within our article here on this website, Creflo Dollar Says: “Shoot Them All Dead”, there is an audio recording of Creflo (with text transcription) wherein Creflo discusses his desire to murder “non-tithers” with Uzis, and to have them buried within a mass grave behind the building in which his alleged “church” is housed. Here is an excerpt from that transcription:


…I mean, I thought about when we first built “The Dome,” I wanted to put some of those little moving bars and give everybody a little card. They’d stick it in a little computer slot. If they were tithing, beautiful music would go off and, you know, [Creflo sings] “Welcome, welcome, welcome to the World Dome.” [Congregation laughs.]

But…if they were non-tithers, the bar would lock up, the red and blue lights would start going, the siren would go off, and a voice would go out throughout the entire dome, “Crook, crook, crook, crook!” [Congregation laughs.] Security would go and apprehend them, and once we got them all together, we’d line them up in the front and pass out Uzis by the ushers and point our Uzis right at all those non-tithing members ’cause we want God to come to church, and at the count of three “Jesus”-es we’d shoot them all dead. And then we’d take them out the side door there, have a big hole, bury them, and then go ahead and have church and have the anointing. [Mostly silence in the congregation, but one or two still actually laugh.]

Aren’t you glad we’re under the Blood of Jesus? [“Yeah, yeah,” from the congregation.] Because if we were not under the Blood of Jesus, I would certainly try it.


In the light of the above quote from Creflo Dollar’s own recorded statements, the details from the police report are especially troubling. The following text is from the police officer’s narration of what he observed on the scene, beginning with the account given to him by the 15-year old who was allegedly assaulted:


…She said that while they were in the kitchen, Mr. Dollar walked in and found her crying. He asked why she was crying and she stated to him IIi do not want to talk right now”. Juvenile Victim LD said when she s<iid that to Mr. Dollar, he charged her, and put his hands around her throat and began to choke her. She said he then slammed her to the ground and began to punch her and took his shoe off and started whooping her with it. While Juvenile Victim LD was speaking, I noticed a scratch on the right side of her neck close to her throat that was caused during the altercation. After speaking with the juvenile victim, I asked if she would fill out a witness statement and she agreed….


When questioned separately by the officer on the scene, Creflo Dollar told a notably different version of the story:


…Mr. Dollar said he walked into the kitchen and asked why she was upset. Dollar said that his daughter became very disrespectful and he approached her and tried to restrain her. Dollar stated that while restraining her, she began to hit back and then he wrestled her to the floor. He stated that while on the floor, he began to spank her on her bottom and the back of her legs. Dollar said after the spanking, his daughter calmed down and he advised her to go to her room….


However, Creflo’s account was NOT supported by his other 19-year old daughter, who witnessed the entire event. Rather, her details mirrored that of the 15-year old daughter’s account rather closely (names were redacted from the original police report released to the public, and are noted by “[name redacted]” within the text below):


After speaking with Mr. Dollar, I then spoke to [name redacted] the sister to the juvenile victim and Mr. Dollar’s nineteen year old daughter. She stated that she had walked into the kitchen where her sister was located. She said that her dad and sister had gotten into an argument. While in the kitchen, [name redacted] said her dad walked into the kitchen and asked why Juvenile Victim LD was crying. [Name redacted] said that her sister told him that she didn’t want to talk to him, and then said all she remembers is her dad grabbing her sister’s shoulders and slapping her in the face. She said her sister tried to break free from him and did not fight back. [Name redacted] stated that her dad then threw her sister on the ground, and that’s when [name redacted] ran to get her mother, Dollar, Taffi L. [name redacted]. [Name redacted] said that after her mother entered the room, her dad stopped hitting on her sister. [Name redacted] said that during the confrontation her dad put both hands around her sister’s neck her for about five seconds. I asked [name redacted] if she would write a witness statement and she agreed.


 This is an extremely serious situation, and one that should instigate serious prayer for this seemingly dysfunctional family.

However, this should ALSO highlight our same points made within Creflo Dollar Says: “Shoot Them All Dead”  very dramatically, wherein we stated toward the end of that article:


After all of this I should not have to say this, but if you are following Creflo Dollar, or anyone associated with him, get away.


UPDATE June 12, 2012:

The 911 call from Creflo Dollar’s daughter has been released to the public, and to our dismay, it SEEMS to confirm our suspicions stated above that this incident was NOT an isolated event. As is being reported today in The Christian Post, Creflo’s daughter told the 911 dispatcher that this was NOT the only time that this has happened:


CP’s Katherine T. Phan Reporting: An audio tape of the 911 call made by megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar’s 15-year-old daughter has been released by the Fayette County Police Department. During the call made early Friday, the girl told the 911 operator that she was allegedly punched and choked by her father, adding that this was not the first time such an incident has happened.

“I just got an altercation with my father. He punched me and …(inaudible) choked me. It’s not the first time it’s happened. I feel threatened by being in this house,” the 15-year-old girl is heard telling the 911 operator.

“I don’t know what can be done but I’m scared. I’m shaking. I don’t…I don’t know what to do.”



The actual 911 call audio can be heard within the following embed, wherein his daughter is taking with the dispatcher at the 911 call center. The length of the recording is about 3 minutes and 41 second. Click on the following graphic to play the audio:


(Audio only, click to play)


The Christian Post article above includes details about Creflo Dollar’s public denials that he ever “punched” or otherwise physically abused his daughter in any way outside of the scope of standard “child discipline.” However, given the fact that the daughter claims that this was NOT the first time such a violent episode had happened, and as we discussed further above, Mr. Dollar has made VERY heinous and violent public statements before, we here at are very reluctant to believe Mr. Dollar’s denials. Again, the article reports the following statements from Dollar’s daughter’s account to the 911 call center:


Dollar’s daughter told the 911 operator that they were arguing about her going to a party on Saturday. She said after her father brought up her grades, she started crying and then walked out of the room to the kitchen. The girl said her father followed behind her and asked why she was crying. When she told Dollar, “I do not want to talk to you,” he allegedly started to get physical.

“And he went off. He came, put his arm around my neck, choked me, and bent me over the table,” said the teenager in the audio recording of the 911 call.

“I threw him off of me. He threw me on the ground and punched me in my face. And this is going on for a good two, three minutes. And my mom came in the room and he stopped. And then my mom asked him what happened and he said that I hit him first, which is a lie.”


So Creflo Dollar is publicly calling his daughter a liar. But the problem with his denial is that his OTHER daughter had already confirmed the 911 call account above, as she discussed the situation with the officer on the scene the night all of this happened. Again, from the CP article:


Dollar’s 19-year-old daughter, who witnessed the altercation, corroborated her sister’s story to the police. At first, she gave a different account “due to her parents being outside with her while she was writing it,” according to the deputy’s report. In her second statement, made after being separated from her parents, the 19-year-old daughter said her father slapped and choked her younger sister.


And thus, that means that Creflo Dollar is calling BOTH of his daughters liars by asserting that the public accounts in the police report and news media are not true accounts of what occurred. Perhaps he is correct, and both his daughters are liars. But would that not reflect upon his (and Taffi’s) parenting skills? And if so, why are they raising their kids to be liars? As we already discussed within The “Family Test, one key requisite for ongoing public ministry is that the ministers have a well-managed home, with their kids being properly trained in the doctrines of Christ.

Furthermore, we have already documented within the theological section of Creflo Dollar Says: “Shoot Them All Dead”, that Creflo Dollar has LIED himself about the contents of Scripture in regard to how non-tithers were treated under the Old Testament. He stated quite clearly that they were “stoned to death,” and thus, used that as a justification to say how he would love to kill them with “uzis” and bury their bodies behind the building in a mass grave. But the Bible makes NO MENTION of anyone EVER being stoned to death over their failure to pay tithes, nor does it ever even HINT at such a penalty within the precepts of the Old Testament Scriptures.

So Creflo Dollar is ON RECORD as being a liar (and many more examples can be found on many YouTube videos), but now he claims that his two daughters are liars (implying accidentally that they learned that behavior at home). Therefore, it would seem that one of two situations is the truth:

  • Either ALL the involved members of the Dollar family are liars, and thus, the truth about this situation with his daughter may never come out.


  • Creflo Dollar is the chief liar, and thus, his two daughters’ accounts are the closest to the truth of what really happened that night.

In short, Creflo Dollar, by denying his two daughters’ stories, has essentially admitted that he is himself a liar, and raising his children to be liars. So how much credit should we give his public denial of the 911 call details and police report facts?

Nevertheless, we hope that the truth will come out in full, and the court system will have its opportunity to weight the evidence.


Further Information:

Additional information is available about this tragic situation at these locations:

And last, but certainly not least, we highly recommend that you read the following article about Creflo Dollar and his violent form of heresy, on our article Creflo Dollar Says: “Shoot Them All Dead” as well. This is particularly true if you have been a “follower” of Mr. Dollar recently or in times past.

We are truly saddened by this latest development. Please join us in prayer that the truth will come out, that this seemingly dysfunctional family will get counseling — and that Creflo Dollar and the rest of the family will get truly BORN AGAIN and saved. I make this last statement because, we was discussed within our recent article Is Kenneth Copeland Saved?, the “fruit” of covetousness (which is present with Creflo too, plus violent heresy and alleged sins of assault) is proof positive, according to the Bible, that these people are NOT saved at present.

Again…please pray for the Dollar family — and especially for the two daughters involved, as this was surely a very horrifying experience for both of them in particular.


Update January 26, 2013

Creflo Dollar avoided having to enter a plea into the court record, by having successfully completed a pre-trial intervention program on “Anger Management.” The full story, as reported in the Christian post, can be read at the following link:

I would still admonish our readers, in the light of all of the above, to please keep the Dollar family in prayer. May such a terrible incident NEVER happen again, for the sake of all the family members.

Always in Jesus,

-Rich Vermillion



Creflo Dollar Says: “Shoot Them All Dead”




Creflo Dollar Says: “Shoot Them All Dead”

by Donna Vermillion
with added theological commentary by Rich Vermillion


This is a post like no other that I have ever done before.

There aren’t going to be any jokes cracked. In this post, Rich and I are going to discuss some VERY serious issues regarding Kenneth Copeland’s good friend and protégé, Creflo Dollar of “World Changers.” We are going to talk about what murderous ideas this man has in mind for the “world” if he ever had a chance to “change” it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

*** TRAGIC UPDATE ***: Sadly, on June 8, 2012, Creflo Dollar was arrested for assaulting his 15-year old daughter in the kitchen of their family home. A link to our article about this terrible situation is provided at the bottom of this page.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Kenneth Copeland chats with Creflo Dollar on the set of KCM's BVOV broadcast (click to enlarge)

Kenneth Copeland chats with Creflo Dollar on the set of KCM’s BVOV broadcast (click to enlarge)

Unlike other things that I have written on this blog, I am not, for example, going to poke fun at Creflo Dollar and his misuse of donor funds. As you continue reading, you will see that there was a reason why I gave this particular post such a serious title—with an exact quote from Dollar himself. This article involves a very somber and intense matter that should have every Christian concerned.

Recently, a friend of ours informed us of a video that she saw on YouTube, which has the audio of a message Creflo Dollar “preached” at his church concerning how to dispose of non-tithers. When I heard the hateful, murderous words of Dollar on this video, it reminded me so much of the murderous hatred of Adolf Hitler.

Why I Transcribed Creflo’s Words of Hate

The person who made the video added still shots of both Creflo and of various bloody-murder type of photographs for effect. It was wonderfully done, but very graphic. Adults should preview it before allowing any children to watch it. Due to the intense portions of the video, I decided to transcribe Creflo Dollar’s exact, unedited words for the benefit of those who would rather read about it. I also wanted to make sure those who, for some reason, could not view the video would still be able to know what Mr. Dollar spoke out of his own mouth. Nevertheless, I have found that the full impact of his statements is obtained by both reading the transcript and by watching the video (and Rich also added a second link below also, in case the YouTube video does not work for some reason).

The things in brackets are to simply describe Creflo’s tone or the congregation’s reactions to different things he said.

(Note: the same video includes a couple other heretical “teachings” by Creflo Dollar too. But the first part of it is what I am addressing in this particular post, as the creator of the video did a good job pointing out the heresy of the other already.)

I would encourage you to play the video for yourself after reading the text. I believe it is important that you hear Mr. Dollar making these statements with his own voice (the embedded video is further below). But again, it is horrific. When I was transcribing it, I scrolled down so that all I saw on my screen was the play bar. That way, I was able to hear it all without watching the graphic pictures all over again. Sadly, I don’t even think the audio of Creflo speaking is suitable for most children. It will shock you. You just don’t expect a supposed “pastor” to say such things that show an obvious disregard for the lives of people.

Let me also note that some of the pictures that Rich added to this post below are similarly not appropriate for most children to view. So please use caution when children are around while you read this article.

I have said enough here. With the following excerpt from one of his messages at his “World Dome,” I would like to introduce you to Creflo Dollar, the Hell-bound murderer…in his own words (emphasis mine, where added):

Now, you know, we’re under the Blood of Jesus, so we can’t shoot and stone people like we used to. All we have to do is repent and God will forgive us and take us where we need to be. But I can tell you, man, if it wasn’t for the Blood, there’d be a whole lot of us being stoned and being in Hell right now over the tithe. But for [“if not for”?] the Blood of Jesus, we’d be doomed.

I mean, I thought about when we first built “The Dome,” I wanted to put some of those little moving bars and give everybody a little card. They’d stick it in a little computer slot. If they were tithing, beautiful music would go off and, you know, [Creflo sings] “Welcome, welcome, welcome to the World Dome.” [Congregation laughs.]

But…if they were non-tithers, the bar would lock up, the red and blue lights would start going, the siren would go off, and a voice would go out throughout the entire dome, “Crook, crook, crook, crook!” [Congregation laughs.] Security would go and apprehend them, and once we got them all together, we’d line them up in the front and pass out Uzis by the ushers and point our Uzis right at all those non-tithing members ’cause we want God to come to church, and at the count of three “Jesus”-es we’d shoot them all dead. And then we’d take them out the side door there, have a big hole, bury them, and then go ahead and have church and have the anointing. [Mostly silence in the congregation, but one or two still actually laugh.]

Aren’t you glad we’re under the Blood of Jesus? [“Yeah, yeah,” from the congregation.] Because if we were not under the Blood of Jesus, I would certainly try it.

Folks, this is a serious thing.

Oh, yeah! It certainly is a “serious thing!” It is also sad, sick, and satanic. Take special note of what he says at the end: “Folks, this [being a non-tither] is a serious thing.” For some reason, however, his evil heart would be fine about (and would like to take part in) killing innocent people in cold blood if his religion would only allow it.

Creflo Dollar says that he has an idea of what he would like to do do with non-tithers, which is remarkably similar to how Nazis treated Jewish people

Creflo Dollar says that he has an idea of what he would like to do with non-tithers…a concept which happens to be remarkably similar to how the Nazis treated Jewish, Polish, and many other types of victims. Note: The backdrop image above is NOT from a movie. Those are ACTUAL Nazi soldiers murdering Polish civilians during WW-II in the same cold-blooded manner in which Creflo said he would like to see done to non-tithers. (click to enlarge)

Rich’s Update (June 15, 2011): After this article posted and began to circulate, we received the following comment by email from a friend who grew up in Europe within that earlier generation:

Hi Rich and Donna

About Tithing Creflo $ style

I could not find in your blog a comment section, so I am sending you my comment by email.

The video about Creflo Dollar in this blog is not new to me, I had seen it months ago and felt so bad after seeing it.

I was born during the ruthless German occupation in Southern France and my parents were witnesses of atrocities committed by the Germans. Later as a kid leaving in Alsace after the war, we had to visit Concentration Camps to make sure “never again”. I have seen the mass graves. I have seen the bullet holes in the wall. I have seen the gas chambers.

Creflo Dollar having such horrific thoughts and describing such scenes in his church is beyond belief. IT IS DESPICABLE and HEINOUS with no respect for life.

I am disgusted, grieved beyond belief and speechless.

Love you

[Notes: I omitted the names from this text for their privacy’s sake. The ALL-CAPS emphasis was made by the original author. ]

Please ponder this godly man’s sobering thoughts as you continue reading the rest of this article.

[End Update]

Looking at Creflo Biblically (by Rich Vermillion)

I am concerned that too many people reading the words of Creflo above may miss the full biblical impact of what Kenneth Copeland’s friend, Creflo Dollar, has stated publicly that he wants to do—so I will provide some further explanation. So let me now break this down for you point by point in light of the Scriptures:

Now, you know, we’re under the Blood of Jesus, so we can’t shoot and stone people like we used to. All we have to do is repent and God will forgive us and take us where we need to be. But I can tell you, man, if it wasn’t for the Blood, there’d be a whole lot of us being stoned and being in Hell right now over the tithe.

Bible Truth 1:

The period of time often referred to as being the “Old Testament” (OT) did in fact include capital punishment within the Levitical legal system. Under the Law of Moses (i.e. the Torah) there were various criminal acts that were punishable by death. However, failure to tithe was NOT one of them. God alone had the prerogative to either bless or curse the individual who failed to tithe according to His Law.

In short, there was no penalty given within the Law that could be imposed by others upon a person who failed to pay tithes. That was an issue between them and God. The closest thing that came to an ordinance to be enforced by authorities in such a matter is this precept given for “redeeming” tithes:

And if a man will at all redeem ought of his tithes, he shall add thereto the fifth part thereof.

(Leviticus 27:31, KJV)

The Hebrew word translated as “redeem” above is the term ga’al (גָּאַל, Strong’s #1350) and Gesenius’s Lexicon said it simply means, “to redeem, to buy back, as in a field or farm sold.” In other words, since the Israelites were required to pay tithes of everything in which they “increased”—including farm animals and agricultural products—God included within His holy Law a provision by which they could “buy back” or “redeem” certain items for their own personal use at 20% over the current market price.

However, there was NO provision for the high priest or ANY authority within Israel to “penalize” a person for failing to pay tithes. Thus, there is absolutely NO provision within the Law of Moses to execute a non-tither by capital punishment. This means either that Creflo lied in order to advance his greedy doctrine, or that he is just plain stupid.

Kenneth Copeland points at the possible victims (oops...TV viewing audience) as he discusses "the blessing" with Creflo Dollar

Kenneth Copeland points at the possible victims (oops…the “TV viewing audience”) as he discusses “the blessing” with Creflo Dollar. Since Kenneth Copeland claims to love Israel and the Jewish people, why does he still associate with someone like Creflo Dollar…who has Nazi-like ideas? (click to enlarge)

Creflo Dollar explains his concept of "the blessing" to his friend, Kenneth Copeland

Creflo Dollar explains his concept of “the blessing” to his friend, Kenneth Copeland, on the same BVOV broadcast. However, he manages to leave out the mass murder part of his teaching regarding “tithing.” Consider how close these two have been for so many years as you ponder Creflo’s evil character. (click to enlarge)

Two Peas in a Pod?

My Next point:

But I can tell you, man, if it wasn’t for the Blood, there’d be a whole lot of us being stoned and being in Hell right now over the tithe. But for [“if not for”?] the Blood of Jesus, we’d be doomed.

Creflo’s mentioning of the Blood of Jesus here in regards to saving us from stoning and going to Hell over non-payment of tithes is ludicrous. Since nobody was put to death over failure to pay tithes, his mentioning the “Blood” as a saving grace was rather irrelevant to that topic. Thus, as we shall soon see, Creflo only mentioned such a New Testament (NT) concept of “grace” for mere appearance sake.

Another Point:

I mean, I thought about when we first built “The Dome,” I wanted to put some of those little moving bars and give everybody a little card. They’d stick it in a little computer slot. If they were tithing, beautiful music would go off and, you know, “Welcome, welcome, welcome to the World Dome.”

But…if they were non-tithers, the bar would lock up, the red and blue lights would start going, the siren would go off, and a voice would go out throughout the entire dome, “Crook, crook, crook, crook!”

(emphasis mine)

It is critical to note here that this was something that Creflo actually thought about doing, and which he states he really “wanted” to do. So please hold that thought, while we look at the next quote:

Security would go and apprehend them, and once we got them all together, we’d line them up in the front and pass out Uzis by the ushers and point our Uzis right at all those non-tithing members ’cause we want God to come to church, and at the count of three “Jesus”-es we’d shoot them all dead. And then we’d take them out the side door there, have a big hole, bury them, and then go ahead and have church and have the anointing.

An Uzi Machine Gun

An Uzi Machine Gun (click to enlarge)

A Uzi” is a fully automatic machine gun (see the picture to the right). As you consider the words above, remember that Creflo Dollar is explaining a concept that he has already stated that he has put some thought into doing. He actually wants to use a high-tech computerized tracking system to monitor tithing, and to have his security guards march ALL non-tithers out behind his alleged “church.” Invoking the holy name of Jesus in a blasphemous way, Creflo then said he would like to see them executed in cold blood by machine guns, and buried in a mass grave there on the property.

Images of Nazi executions of six million Jews and six million other “undesirables” (twelve million in total, including Christians who resisted the Third Reich) should come to mind. Creflo dollar has just described a scene that he said he had meditated upon, and which is purely antichrist in its character.

This horrible Nazi photograph was named by them, "The Last Jew in Vinnitsa." Note the other bodies in mass grave, and consider well the meaning of Creflo Dollar's choice of words.

This horrible photograph was proudly named by the Nazis, “The Last Jew in Vinnitsa.” Notice the many other bodies in mass grave, and consider well the meaning of Creflo Dollar’s choice of words. (click to enlarge)

Now note what Creflo Dollar said next:

Aren’t you glad we’re under the Blood of Jesus? Because if we were not under the Blood of Jesus, I would certainly try it.

(emphasis mine)


Again, Creflo Dollar makes a hypocritical reference to the Blood of Jesus Christ for obvious appearance sake in front of the shocked congregation. The real reason that this murder-loving man has not “tried” it is because he knows that he would be arrested and put to death himself under current Georgia state and U.S. legal standards.

However, the fact that he “would certainly try it” if given the chance is proof positive that this hypothetical scene is really a heinous fantasy of his; that he has pondered this idea more than a few times before.

This man’s greed for money has pushed him to the point of complete debauchery, as is evident in his hatred toward the non-tithing Christians. Furthermore, keep in mind the following points:

  • Creflo Dollar began by saying that non-tithers will go to Hell (and later in the video, you can hear him teaching that tithing is required to “stay out of Hell” and that the tithe will “keep you in Heaven”…points that are works-based heresies that he believes and teaches).
  • Despite this fact, he would like to have them executed and sent to Hell before holding his Nazi “church” service.
  • Creflo then reveals that he actually believes that God would honor such cold-blooded murder by giving them the precious anointing of the Holy Spirit for their Nazi “church” service afterwards.

So what does the Bible say about such people as Creflo?

Bible Truth 2:

The New Testament is very clear that those who are murderers at heart—including those who hate their brethren without a biblical cause to do so—have NO eternal life within them. In other words, Creflo Dollar is not saved. If he were to die right now without first repenting and calling out to the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness…he would spend eternity in Hell itself.

Please note the following passages:

Again, a new commandment I write to you, which thing is true in Him and in you, because the darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining.

He who says he is in the light, and hates his brother, is in darkness until now. He who loves his brother abides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him. But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.

(1 John 2:8-11, NKJV, emphasis added)

In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother. For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another, not as Cain who was of the wicked one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his works were evil and his brother’s righteous.

Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love his brother abides in death. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

(1 John 3:10-15, NKJV, emphasis mine)

You have heard that it was said to those of old, “You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.” But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, “Raca!” shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, “You fool!” shall be in danger of Hell fire. Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

(Matthew 5:21-24, NKJV, Words of Jesus in red, emphasis added)

The passages above make it clear that true Christians are to love people, and other Christians in particular—and that they certainly do NOT murder anyone in machine gun executions and bury them in mass graves.

Jesus also said above that for a “gift” to be accepted by Him, we need to first be reconciled with our brothers. So Creflo Dollar actually thinks he will “have the anointing” of God right after murdering people?

Bible Truth 3:

So in what passages of Scripture CAN we find Creflo’s type of behavior described? Here is one to ponder:

Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived. He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

(Revelation 13:11-18, NKJV, emphasis added)

It would appear that the “number” of Creflo is the same number, because he is obviously of the same demonic spirit. This also speaks VOLUMES about Kenneth Copeland’s evil character, as he is more than happy to freely associate with and endorse such an antichrist heretic…a man who Kenneth has also mentored personally:

Kenneth Copeland talks to his protege, Creflo Dollar. If the "fruit" of Creflo is so obviuosly rotten, what does that say about the character of his mentor Kenneth?

(End of Rich’s Section)

Creflo’s Heinous “Teaching”

Without further comment beforehand, here is the video itself (click on the blue “play” button below). Therein, you can hear Creflo’s own voice stating these very things (plus a few more heretical teachings besides):


Note: The previous YouTube video that we had posted above was removed from YouTube because of a fake “copyright” claim by Creflo Dollar’s lawyers, causing it to be removed from YouTube. So again, you can click here or upon the above “play” symbol above to play the video. (We had uploaded our own copy to our servers as a backup…just in case.) Our version plays just fine here on our website.

After all of this I should not have to say this, but if you are following Creflo Dollar, or anyone associated with him, get away.

Anyone who would joke about doing any kind of mass murder is evil and wicked. The scary thing is that Creflo actually did not sound like he was joking at all, especially when he said, “…if it were not for the Blood of Jesus, I would certainly try it.” His words were no different than those of a terrorist or Nazi concentration camp executioner. Run away from such ministers of Satan as fast as you can. Unless your aspiration in life is to work for the anti-Christ, there is no reason to listen to such heresy.

A Word to Creflo

As for you, Creflo Dollar, your best life certainly is now. Unless you repent and truly become born again, your earthly prosperity will one day be exchanged for Hell’s flames the moment you die. I don’t want to shoot you. I don’t want to throw your body in a hole and go back to have “church,” like you said you would like to do to non-tithers. No. I am a Christian. I want you saved.

In contrast, I do not hear ANY eternal redemption within your murderous message. It is straight from Hell’s pit. Notice what Jesus said to James and John when they spoke such murderous things…before they were born again:

And as they went, they entered a village of the Samaritans, to prepare for Him. But they did not receive Him, because His face was set for the journey to Jerusalem. And when His disciples James and John saw this, they said, “Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, just as Elijah did?”

But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.”

(Luke 9:52-55, NKJV, emphasis added)

Do you know what demonic spirit you really are motivated by? Cry out to Jesus, Creflo! Cry out to the One true and living God—not for more money, but for your soul. Hell awaits unsaved religious frauds such as you, who lead God’s people astray:

They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.

(Matthew 15:14, NKJV, Words of Jesus in red, emphasis added)

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.

If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed, rather than having two hands, to go to Hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched—where “Their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.”

And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life lame, rather than having two feet, to be cast into Hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched—where “Their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.”

And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, rather than having two eyes, to be cast into Hell fire—where “Their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.”

(Mark 9:42-48, NKJV, Words of Jesus in red, emphasis added)

And it would be just as biblical to say, “It would be better for you to be broke and impoverished, than having earthly wealth and opulence, to die and go to Hell—into the fire that shall never be quenched, and where the worm does not die.” After all, didn’t Jesus say, “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Matthew 16:26).

Again, Jesus said that it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and to be thrown into the sea, than to lead God’s sheep astray and have to face eternal judgement.

As I pointed out previously to your buddy Leroy “Lucre-Loving” Thompson:

Creflo Dollar… judgement cometh.

*** TRAGIC UPDATE ***: Sadly, on June 8, 2012, Creflo Dollar was arrested for assaulting his 15-year old daughter in the kitchen of their family home. That terrible incident, and associated links for more information, can be found now here: Creflo Dollar: Arrested for Attacking Daughter



Copeland’s Financial “Titanic” is Sinking Faster



Copeland’s Financial “Titanic” is Sinking Faster



(Updated and dramatically expanded July 3, 2011): This is an important update post for all our advocates because we have two sets of major developments to share with you:

First, as many of you may have heard by now, there is a new CBS “Inside Edition” investigative report about Kenneth Copeland which aired this past May 24th, 2011. The investigative team did a great job exposing the lavish lifestyle and hypocrisy of Kenneth Copeland (and to a lesser degree, Creflo Dollar). If you have not already watched this excellent report, then we highly recommend that you do so by clicking on the following still image from the program:

Kenneth Copeland, investigated on CBS's Inside Edition (click this image in order to play the video)

Kenneth Copeland, investigated on Inside Edition (please click on the above image in order to play the video)

One of the most interesting things Copeland did within the video above was when he was caught lying to the reporter toward the end of the news report. The video shows Kenneth claiming that, “we are open…” (i.e. transparent, honest, have nothing to hide, etc.). But when the reporter then asked two legitimate and sincere questions, “Why do you need a fleet of jets [when] you are a minister?” and “How many jets do you have?” Kenneth demonstrates how “open” he really is by barking back, “That is NONE of your business!” and storming off in a rage.

Of course, Kenneth is merely demonstrating why Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” (KCM) has an appalling “F” transparency grade with when he does such hypocritical things. Seeing him getting caught lying on camera merely helps to emphasize the fraudulent and deceptive nature of that organization (which we have documented repeatedly on this website within many posts).

So the above video is a very well-done investigative report of the Copelands’ lavish lifestyles and systemic deceit. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the Copelands obviously “live large” (as Deborah Norville stated within the video above) by devouring the wealth and income of their ignorant supporters, things are NOT really at all that well financially at KCM these days, as my next point explains…

Evidence That KCM’s “Titanic” is Sinking

As we explained within our highly publicized press release from August 6, 2010, Why is Kenneth Copeland Desperate for Donor Cash?, things are not going all that well at the Copeland-Corral near Fort Worth, Texas. Behind the high security fence surrounding the cult’s compound, it would seem that their supposed financial “battleship” is turning out to be another “Titanic” that will soon head toward the ocean’s floor.

Before we move on to view the latest information, will will first review older evidence that the financial “ship” of Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” (KCM), a.k.a. Eagle Mountain International “Church” (EMIC), as been “taking on water” since 2008.

Note: We and our many advocates consider the words “ministries” and “church” to be merely alleged by the Copelands, as it has become demonstrable that they are really “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and not biblical ministers. Therefore, we put those words in quotation marks whenever citing the various names of their family business (a.k.a. “ministry”).


Kenneth Copeland boasted on January 23rd, 2008 that he is personally a billionaire. He continued, “Now don’t tell them senators about this…the last accounting of it, this has been two, three years ago…there would probably be at least another $150 million added to this, because our income last year [2007] was over $100 million..there has been over $1.3 billion come into this ministry.” That totals $1.45 billion by 2007.

However, shortly after the Senate Finance Committee investigation and U.S. economic recession began in late 2007, evidence emerged that suggested strongly that their financial position had changed dramatically:

  • Kenneth Copeland started sending his children, grandchildren, and in-laws, out in 2008 to churches and conference around the country to rally support for KCM.
  • On March 11, 2008, KCM announced that they were relocating their “West Coast Believer’s Convention” (WCBC) to Long Beach, California for their 31st WCBC annual event after a previous 30-year run in Anaheim, CA. This was probably a cost-cutting measure, given the very high expense of holding meetings the Anaheim area.

KCM "News Room" Press Release, dated March 11, 2008. Accessed July 3, 2011.

KCM “News Room” Press Release, dated March 11, 2008. Accessed July 3, 2011. (click to enlarge)

  • However, their 32nd such convention in 2009 proved to be their last, as they quietly cancelled the WCBC entirely! This would seem to be a consolidation of their summer conventions into the single centrally-located “Southwest Believer’s Convention” (SWBC) in their hometown of Fort Worth—which would be significantly cheaper to maintain, given the fact that most of their staff and equipment is local. They also moved this event earlier in the vacation season from its previous slot in August to early July, in order to use the former WCBC time slot instead for Texas. (Note: This year’s SWBC runs from July 4 – 9, 2011; and the 2012 SWBC is tentatively scheduled for July 2-7, 2012.)
  • Soon after, began in early 2010 to publicize and document some of the probable frauds committed by KCM in regard to their Angel Flight 44 multimillion dollar deception and subsequent Haitian earthquake relief failures. Almost immediately, there was a significant increase in Copeland family appearances on Christian television shows; and new “Behind the Mission” donor recruitment conferences were scheduled in cities around the United States. It would seem that financial panic was driving their expanded itinerary.

And now for the more recent points of interest…

It’s Sinking Even Faster Now…

Additional information has been coming to light of late. Brave and honorable whistle blowers have contacted us here at to inform us of issues related to the fact that the financial “Titanic” of KCM appears to be “sinking” even more quickly.

  • We were also informed by a whistle blower that in March of 2010, John Copeland called a staff meeting within the KCM “chapel” building. At one point he reportedly said to the employees, “We are all family here, right? So please keep this confidential because we don’t want this getting out into the media.” John then informed them that the alleged “ministry” was about $4 million in debt.

These two reports from our whistle-blowers also seems to be substantiated by KCM’s own behavior:

  • For example, in August of 2010, KCM drastically reduced their media budget by almost completely eliminating their Sunday BVOV television broadcast. They simultaneously renegotiated many of the weekly broadcasts onto the cheapest station within that viewing area, as this whistle-blower informed us:

Yes, I am referring to the Lansing/East Lansing, MI area. I recorded BVOV every morning on WLAJ-TV here at 6:00 a.m. to watch when I got home from work at night. This week, it was replaced with infomercials. Also, this past Sunday on BVOV on another local channel, WSYM, Fox 47, there was a crawler that said that BVOV would no longer be seen on WSYM after August 29th. I’ve asked the other local stations, and I don’t find anyone picking it up, for the first time in my memory that BVOV won’t be on in our local area. It is still listed on the KCM site as being on WLAJ, but that is not accurate. I do read your blog and remembered what you had written about the sudden appearance of these “Behind the Mission” meetings, and drop in donations, and wonder if that is why BVOV isn’t being broadcast locally , at least for this Fall. Thank you for all the factual information you are providing about the Copelands in your blog. It is greatly appreciated.

And then a few days later this same whistle blower explained:

I noticed this morning that the station that is dropping the Sunday BVOV, effective 8/29, has apparently picked up the daily broadcast on it’s station at 8:00 a.m….This is not reflected on the KCM website, and no one still has picked up the Sunday broadcast that this same network dropped.

Of course, KCM had to explain this sudden BVOV broadcast shuffle to their viewing audience. Citing alleged and unpublished “extensive surveys” of KCM’s “partners and friends” (which nobody has ever received to date according to the now-former KCM partners that we have heard from), KCM actually tried to spin this obvious cost-cutting effort as a benefit to their partners. However, this brings the following question into focus:

If (and this is a big “if”) KCM is a real Christian “ministry,” and their BVOV broadcasts are filled with genuine teaching from God’s Word, then how could they justify such cancellations as some sort of a “benefit” to their viewing audience when they are reducing the amount of “beneficial” programming that people can watch?

Obviously, they cannot. It was surely a cost-cutting effort—a fact which the relocation of their weekly broadcast to another local station also seems to attest. Gloria Copeland’s brother owns the media company that negotiates their air time purchases, and it would seem they put him on an emergency budget reduction effort in order to help save their financially sinking “Titanic.”

(Rich Note: Among other things, I have a Certificate in Financial Management from Cornell University; so my analysis of KCM’s behavior is founded upon copious facts—some of which we must keep confidential in order to protect our sources—as well as upon educational expertise.)

You can read KCM’s press release “spin” on these issues by clicking on the following image:

KCM Announces their Sunday Broadcast schedule cutbacks as a "benefit" to the partners instead of a budget reduction.

KCM announces their Sunday broadcast schedule cutbacks as a “better service” to their partners, rather than admitting that it was intended to seriously reduce their media budget to offset declining revenues from donations and product sales. (click to enlarge)

  • Additionally, on September 23, 2010, KCM forced over two dozen veteran employees to resign. The employees are known to have ranged in tenure from as little as 8 years to as much as over 30 years of service. One of our whistle blowers wrote:

[One woman] has worked there 21 years and just bought her first home in April [of 2010]…she is a single mom with a heart of gold…another person…was [similarly] let go – 30+ years [working for KCM].

This group of about 20 employees were all brought into the executive offices of KCM on the same day, to meet with John Copeland. Several others were separately marched about that same time into the Human Resources department, to be told instead by an HR manager.

Regardless of which “messenger” brought the “love message” to them, however, each of them were told the “reasons” they were then considered “sub standard” or “unacceptable” for employment at KCM (i.e. the trumped-up reasons why they were being forced out of employment). They were then “offered” four-month severance pay packages under the condition that they would sign draconian confidentiality agreements that prohibited them from talking with the media or anybody else (such as the founders of this website, A PDF made from scanned copies of one such agreement can be downloaded by right-clicking on the following image, and saving the target file to your computer:

The Kenneth Copeland "Ministries" Draconian Severance Pay and Confidentiality Contract

The Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” draconian Severance Pay and Confidentiality Contract. Does this document seem to fit well within KCM’s rhetoric of “walking in love” toward people? Right-click to save the file to your computer.

If you read the “terms” you will see that KCM expected them to sign away nearly every right afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution, Federal law, and Texas State laws. Understandably, the employees were experiencing a mix of shock and feelings of betrayal, coupled with fear for their own financial futures. Under such high-pressure circumstances, all the employees that we are aware of accepted the “terms” within a few days (many on the spot) and actually signed the above agreement in order to receive their four more months of pay and flee the madness.

The legality of such a draconian contract is certainly questionable, but what is known are the fear tactics used by KCM to pressure them into signing such an agreement: They would be “sued” by the “ministry” and forced to return the four-months severance pay, if they talked to us, the media, or anybody else, about this situation.

Adding further insult to injury, these employees were replaced and their positions were not eliminated. Almost as soon as the door hit these veteran employees on their backsides, new employees hired at roughly $8/hour stepped in to fill their shoes. In short, the higher-paid veteran employees were run out of KCM so that cheaper labor could replace them, thus cutting the KCM/EMIC payroll budget. (Of course, nobody seems to know if the Copelands and their family volunteered to take any pay cuts to help alleviate the payroll expenditures. However, most people knowledgeable about the situation have expressed doubt that the Copelands ever did.)

  • The very next day, John Copeland (who conducted the meeting in which the 20 employees who were fired in the executive offices) hopped into the family jet (commonly referred to as the “ministry” jet) to join his parents at an invitation-only golf tournament at the ritzy Waldorf Astoria resort. This was not a publicized event; and the Facebook posts made by a couple of people who attended seem to suggest that this was likely a fundraiser:

Cheryl Ingram "Tweets" from the KCM golf tournament (click to enlarge)

Cheryl Ingram uses her mobile phone to post on her Facebook page from the KCM golf tournament (click to enlarge)

Charles Asbridge "Tweets" from the golf course too, while demonstrating his lack of reverence and piety in prayer (click to enlarge)

Charles Asbridge uses his mobile phone to post on Facebook from the golf course too, while demonstrating his own lack of reverence and piety in prayer (click to enlarge)

The references to KCM, “partners,” and explanations KCM’s “outreach,” tend to all suggest a “soft sell” tactic being used to “wine and dine” the attendees in order to raise money at this private golf tournament, held at a ritzy resort in Florida.

Thus, in summary, the following financial details about KCM’s financial Titanic seem to be validated and verified:

  • KCM was likely about $2 million in debt by the close of 2009. (Note: KCM is known for teaching “how to live debt free” supernaturally, and they consider debt in all forms to be under “the curse of the law.”)
  • KCM’s debt had increased to about $4 million by March of 2010.
  • Drastic television/media budget reductions were made in August of 2010 in an obvious effort to offset budgetary shortfalls.
  • Payroll expenses were cut in September of 2010 (and probably at other times also) by replacing higher-paid veteran employees with lower-wage workers. (Note: We have been informed that the veteran employees ALSO lost their retirement benefits through this action, thus reducing KCM’s retirement expenditures as well.)
  • A private Waldorf Astoria golf tournament was held immediately after the axing over 20 employees, in what appears to be a fundraising effort.
  • And all of the above suggests that KCM revenues through donations and product sales have fallen drastically from their 2007 high of “over $100 million” (as stated by Kenneth Copeland at the 2008 Minister’s Conference).

In short: The “godfather of prosperity” is going broke…and that, very quickly.

But is this in agreement with Kenneth Copeland’s “prophecies” about prosperity?

Ironic Proph-e-Lies (i.e. False Prophesies)

Kenneth Copeland “sells” himself as a “prophet” of God. Considering the content of his “prophecies” however, many people consider him as just making those things up out of his own head. Even a supporter of Kenneth’s that emailed me said, “I think that Kenneth ‘thinks’ that he is a prophet.” (Whenever a “spirit” does seem to manifest through him, however, the often heretical content of these prophesies tends to suggest that it is NOT the God of the Bible that is speaking through Kenneth at such times. Thus, that would qualify him as a false prophet if he is a “prophet” at all.)

Regardless, around the turn of nearly ever year, Kenneth kicks things off with the latest “prophecies” about the New Year. Ironically, he seems to be right on some of these…but NOT in the “positive” ways that he seemed to originally intend:

    • Kenneth declared on November 11, 2006, that 2007 would be “The Year of the Open Door.” This turned out to be true, in a rather bizarre twist of irony:
      • Senator Grassley and the Senate Finance Committee “opened the door” in November 2007 on the SFC investigation of six televangelists; KCM was one of those subjected to this public scrutiny.
      • In the previous month of October, the stock markets began their precipitous fall, as the “flood doors” of Wall Street began to burst and put systemic pressure on the world’s financial systems…to include KCM’s own budget.
    • Then Kenneth declared on December 31, 2007, that 2008 would be “The Year that the Lord has Designed.” That sort of turned out to be true too:
      • KCM revenues began to fall significantly, as the economy weakened ever more—and more negative media exposure came to KCM. This seemed to demonstrate God’s “designed” judgment upon that errant organization.
      • We launched in October 2008 at the Lord’s direction and according to the design that He put in our hearts. (Though this website is certainly not perfect, it has proven to be quite effective, and has been blessed by the Lord.)
    • Of course, 2009 was supposed to be the year that “The Glory Will Shine.” That one had some ironic fulfillment too:
      • KCM’s revenues fell even more, until they were about two million dollars in debt by the year’s close.
      • Long-time KCM executive, Craig Atnip, “jumped ship” off of KCM’s sinking Titanic.
      • KCM shut down the West Coast Believer’s Convention in 2009 after 32 continuous years of annual meetings, and has never had one again.
    • Kenneth then seemed to be running out of steam trying to get the “year” prophesies right. So in 2010 he waited until August to tell everybody, “Everything is Going to Be Alright!” Of course, several things were going on at the time, and one has to wonder if he was just proph-e-lying again…or trying to encourage himself that things might get better:
      • began to issue press releases in January 2010 to draw attention to KCM’s frauds.
      • Christian Today reports on AF44 controversy in February 2010.
      • John Copeland told KCM employees in March 2010 that KCM/EMIC was about four million dollars in debt.
      • The BVOV broadcast budget was slashed in August 2010.
      • Veteran employees were “axed” in September 2010.
      • And an invitational golf tournament was organized that same month—seemingly to raise funds.
  • Now Kenneth has decided to cover all his bases. So on November 11, 2010 he proph-e-lied that in 2011 “It will be a time of changes. It’ll be the best of times and it’ll be the worst of times.” (Well, that about covers it all, does it not?)

(Click here to see the list of Copeland’s “best” proph-e-lies, i.e. those that the KCM staff lets you read, and not the weirder ones…some of which we may publish later for them.)

The Bow is Going Down

The Titanic, as it begins to sink bow-first.

The Titanic, as it begins to sink bow-first.

Anyone who has seen images of the Titanic as it sank have likely seen pictures of its bow starting down into the water, its stern (back of the ship) rising up into the air with all the lights on, and life boats frantically rowing away to avoid being pulled under by the suction once the ships final dive began. Everyone with any sense could see what was about to happen. However, meanwhile, the band played its music and the songs continued on board until the inevitable began.

Similarly, KCM seems to be close to the inevitable.

In truth, the entire foundation of the Copeland financial empire is a religious fraud, coupled with an illusion:

  1. The false doctrine of instant riches through “seed sowing” is the fraud they sell to greedy and/or desperate people, who are looking for a quick fix to their money problems. People buy KCM products, attend KCM/EMIC meetings, and “sow their seed” into KCM’s rotten “ground” and hope in vain for a “harvest” with which to pay their bills—or even to fund their own opulent lifestyles. Meanwhile, only the Copeland family’s lavish living continues to be funded through this scam, while the people who gave are generally only poorer for their “donations.”
  2. The illusion is that the Copelands live large by their own “seed sowing,” and that their opulence is because of their “giving.” This is what sustains the money-machine for the family. Thus, the need to hide any and all financial “hiccups” KCM experiences is extreme, because once the public finds out that it DOES NOT WORK for the Copelands as advertised, then the money spigots will immediately turn off completely—and the “Titanic” will begin its dive for the ocean floor.

And as the word spreads regarding these facts, the donations and products sales will dry up even quicker, accelerating the inevitable financial collapse of KCM as their failed “prosperity gospel” becomes more and more obvious to the Christian public.

Since the Copelands and their “wolf” friends do not seem to be very enthusiastic about repenting of their multiplied lies, frauds, and heresies, then it would seem that such a collapse would certainly be best for the Body of Christ because it would eliminate at least one “wolf den” from the scene.

We also encourage everyone who reads this to spread the word throughout the Internet. Please consider using the “Tell Others About This Article” features within the column to the right, or the “Share/Save” button below, to notify others of these developments. You can also “re-tweet” and “like” this article using the special buttons at the top and bottom of this page. The more these issues are exposed publicly, the quicker the frauds. lies, and heresies, of KCM will come to an end.

Our sources have told us that KCM was operating just barely in the “black” prior to the Inside Edition investigative report posted above. That means that after all their cost-cutting and donor recruitment efforts, their inflows (revenues) were just barely enough to cover their outflows (expenses). Thus, it is probable that KCM still has much of those multiplied millions of dollars of outstanding debt.

And with the recent CBS report above and our own continuous efforts here on, we believe that their precarious financial position is already plummeting downward once again.

Again, the more these issues are exposed publicly, the quicker the frauds. lies, and heresies, of KCM will come to a very inglorious end.

Lastly, Donna and I would like to express once again our sincere gratitude to all our advocates. Your personal notes to us—and willingness to spread the word about this website so far and wide—has been a real source of encouragement. Thank you.

Always in Jesus,

-Rich & Donna Vermillion

John Copeland’s “Inheritance” Money




John Copeland’s “Inheritance” Money

by Donna Vermillion



The Invitation

Ah, yes. The 2007 KCM Minister’s Conference. What a special time for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

Creflo Dollar and John Copeland had sent out a letter to everyone on the “privileged” Minister’s Conference list (you know, it is a real honor to be “invited”). It stated that they were secretly taking up a one-million-dollar offering for Kenneth and Gloria.

Quiet…it’s a surprise! (I wonder now if they were just trying to keep it secret from the news media.)

The letter was on very nice stationery from Creflo Dollar’s ministry and signed by Creflo and also by John Copeland (Kenneth and Gloria’s son). When Rich and I received our copy in the mail, we were shocked and appalled. We were also certain that if Kenneth found out about this abuse of his “precious” Minister’s Conference mailing list, he would really have a problem with this. (This was because of the false image that we had of him, which was so brilliantly portrayed by “humble” Kenneth Copeland.)

I thought, “I can hear Brother Copeland now—telling Creflo and John they had no business using the Minister’s Conference mailing list to receive personal money for him and Gloria.” I told Rich, “Boy, Creflo and John are really going to get rebuked for this one.” Much to our surprise, however, Kenneth and Gloria were very receptive.

We were also told around that time—first-hand by a KCM staff member—that Kenneth Copeland “Ministries” had received many phone calls from some very irate ministers who had received the ridiculous letter. They were pretty angry about it—to the point that they called the ministry to complain. I would have loved to have done that, but I figured that the honorable “Brother” Copeland would take care of the job himself, once he found out about this.


Special Seating

Then the time came for the Minister’s Conference. KCM had even set up extensive “overflow” seating, because this was the big “Fortieth Anniversary Celebration” of Kenneth and Gloria’s (alleged) “ministry”! They just knew that multitudes would want to attend, so they extended their  “invitation” to many new ministers that year. The additional seating was ready to accommodate this crowd…but a funny thing happened. They never had to use it. Only a “normal” number came that year, although it looked like there were a lot of new faces there. (Maybe John and Creflo’s “offering” letter had something to do with the apparent low turnout of the veteran attendees.)

So there Rich and I were, sitting in the third row during all three days of the conference. Although this was our sixth year there, this one was really exciting for us. We had gotten the special “name-on-the-seat” seating because of the Angel Flight 44 book that my husband had written about Glen Hyde and Kenneth Copeland, so we had a really good view. They offered free copies of the book to all the ministers attending. (See the Angel Flight 44 section of this website for more information about KCM’s apparent fraud associated with the alleged Angel Flight 44 ministry.)


More, More, More!

Finally, the night came to give the big “love offering” to Kenneth and Gloria. This was during the last session of the conference, on the third evening. We ordered the DVDs of the entire conference. However, large portions of this part of the service were conveniently omitted from the DVD for the last session. (This is another fact that makes me believe that they wanted it to remain “a secret”—for the probable purpose of keeping the local news from reporting on it.)

So, Creflo jumped up onto the platform before Kenneth could get the microphone, and announced the big event. (I am actually assuming that Kenneth and Gloria were being honest when they acted like this was the first time that they had heard of all this.)

The letter had said that Creflo and John were trying to get $1 million for the couple. (They were trying to collect most of that money before the conference, so they were accepting offerings ahead of time.) At the actual minister’s conference event, however, Creflo Dollar announced that he felt like one million dollars was just not enough! (I guess he was trying to scrape up enough money for jet fuel for Ken’s hunting trips and Gloria’s shopping ventures in the “ministry” jet.)

So the $1-million fundraising goal turned into $2 million! When he announced that, I thought, “This is really going too far.”


Den of Thieves

They brazenly set up a table near the front of the auditorium, to the left of the platform (as you face the platform). Two KCM employees took their posts at the table, as they established the equivalent of a retail store checkout register. They even made it easy to give, so we wouldn’t have any excuses. They received checks, credit cards, and cash. (What a blessing!)

Yes, we actually broke down and gave something—just like the rest of the cattle (uh…I mean, conference attendees).

It was a baffling thing. On the one hand, we were very surprised Kenneth was “putting up” with such madness. On the other hand, we started to think it might be “okay” to give because we trusted that Kenneth Copeland was a man of integrity. So we thought, “It must be the right thing to do…or is it?”

We had limited time to give and very little time to really think this thing through—and no time to go off alone as husband and wife somewhere to discuss this perplexing situation—so we went ahead and gave something into the offering. Any salesman will tell you it is much better to try to “close the sale” on the spot, rather than to give the customer a chance to think about it (for they might just change their mind).

So they did it! With much pulling and prodding, they reached their goal. Good job, Creflo.


Veggie Tears

After the offering was taken up, a teary-eyed Gloria Copeland said from the platform, “No one has ever given us this much money before.” Wow. (As “Larry the Cucumber” once said to his tomato friend in one of our children’s VeggieTales videos, “I laughed, I cried…it moved me, Bob.”)

What a touching moment. Gloria’s tears seemed so genuine. “More shopping money!” she probably thought to herself. She acted like she was a poor orphan receiving an unexpected windfall—who up until that moment didn’t know where her next meal was coming from.

I wonder how many attending ministers suffered financially just to get to the conference, while Mr. and Mrs. “Good Ground” raked in their harvest. (By the way, did any of you ever notice what Proverbs 22:16 says about giving to rich people? We have, and we repented.)

Unfortunately, there never was an offer given to the shell-shocked attendees to request refunds. I am sure that more than a few of us experienced “buyer’s remorse” for our contributions. It is a very good thing that Rich and I didn’t give a “suicide offering” and clean out our bank accounts for this one. I hope no one else did either.

But hey, at least we know Kenneth’s and Gloria’s bank accounts are okay!


John’s Inheritance

Towards the end of the “celebration,” John Copeland, who had partnered-up with Creflo to put this whole mess together, got up on the platform and—after thanking Creflo profusely for his fundraising efforts—distastefully joked, “I will gladly share my inheritance with you, Creflo Dollar.'” (This is an exact quote from the service video that they must have forgotten to edit out before shipping the DVD.) Creflo thanked John for his “gracious” promise and beamed with a large smile.

So congratulations, John. Working with Creflo Dollar, you’ve helped build an “inheritance” for your children! Just don’t tell your kids how you got it, and maybe they will still respect you when they grow up. (Oh, and John…please do not forget about your commitment to Creflo. His kids are surely lacking their own “inheritance” at donor expense, aren’t they?)


—Donna Vermillion

Donna Vermillion








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