Over 310,000…and STILL Counting

. . _______ Over 310,000...and STILL Counting _______ . In the interest of keeping all our advocates updated, we thought you all would be pleased to know that we have now topped well-over 310,000 page views for the biblical redemptive project contained here on KennethCopelandBlog.com. In … Continue reading

Over One Hundred Thousand

. . _______ Over One Hundred Thousand _______ . A quick note of update and encouragement to the growing army of advocates for KennethCopelandBlog.com: About a month ago we surpassed 100,000 page views for this website as we call on Kenneth Copeland, his dysfunctional family, and his alleged … Continue reading

A Special Note from Rich’s Wife

. . _______ A Special Note from Rich's Wife _______ . I am so grateful that we have had this opportunity to help so many people who have been hurt or misled by Kenneth Copeland "Ministries" (KCM), and other similar organizations. Since the launch of this website back in October of 2008, we … Continue reading