Copeland’s Haitian Deception?




Copeland’s Haitian Deception



An advocate of our redemptive project emailed me the other day to ask if we consider Copeland’s latest Haitian aid effort to be a sign of true biblical repentance. Our answer is an unequivocal, but regrettable, “NO,” though we yet remain hopeful that repentance will eventually occur. To further explain our view of these issues, let’s  begin by reviewing the text of our latest press release:


Did Kenneth Copeland Just Commit Another Aid Fraud?

(February 18, 2010)

NEWARK, TEXAS: recently exposed televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s probable fraud regarding the formation of the Angel Flight 44 ministry. Christian Today later reported on the controversy, quoting Copeland’s newest son-in-law saying that a freshly organized Haitian aid flight was “imminent.” The ministry’s subsequent February 4th mission detail, however, raises MORE questions about KCM’s integrity:

“…Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) announced today that it has partnered with several ministries to send a flight to Haiti with $2.7 million of medical supplies, and 7,000 pounds of much-needed antibiotics.”

The only thing KCM actually stated above that they were doing was “sending a flight to Haiti.” They did NOT explicitly state WHO supplied these medical supplies, or even WHO paid for them. These missing elements seem to actually be tacit admissions of yet another probable humanitarian aid fraud.

I wrote the book about KCM’s Hurricane Katrina disaster missions: “Angel Flight 44” (which is now off the market, except for used copies). It details how Glen Hyde’s Douglas Super-DC3 airplane was often loaded with medical supplies furnished by McKesson Pharmaceutical. While it is true that the original “AF44” aid missions flew tens of millions of dollars worth of medical supplies to Louisiana, it is also true that NEITHER Kenneth Copeland NOR his ministry paid for ANY of those supplies.

After that, according to my information, Glen Hyde’s airplane sat on the tarmac of Denton Airport in Texas gathering bird poop from August of 2006 until February 2010—it was not helping anyone (as Copeland had pledged). Once we openly documented Copeland’s broken promises, however, Copeland apparently found new “motivation” to get that airplane flying again; and the required FAA C-check and maintenance was recently performed to permit this Haitian flight.

Actual costs? Mr. Hyde indicated back in 2007 that it would take about $20,000 to get the airplane legal and mechanically able to fly; we can add to that another $20-30k for fuel and flight expenses. Thus, we can safely estimate that KCM’s share of this Haitian flight’s costs was likely NO MORE than what they typically spend on jet fuel for the Copeland family vacations (using one of the jets from KCM’s fleet.)

Nevertheless, we now see KCM issuing a press release that is worded in such a way as to IMPLY that they (along with the five partners named) funded a multi-million dollar aid mission, when in fact the omitted details seem to reveal otherwise. In short, it would appear that KCM is merely trying to get $2.7 million worth of “humanitarian aid credit” through a publicity stunt, while actually spending a minuscule fraction of that amount to merely send the aid to the desperate Haitians.

Of course, Kenneth Copeland could PROVE what they actually spent on this mission by ordering his staff to publicly release copies of verifiable receipts, bank statements, (and etc)…but don’t hold your breath., a Christian financial integrity ministry, has been trying to encourage KCM to demonstrate biblical transparency in their finances FOR YEARS without any success. If the Copelands start providing financials to the public now, it might create a precedent for transparency…and they cannot have that!

On the other hand, compare KCM’s lack of financial accountability with biblical examples (e.g. Ezra and Nehemiah’s handling of funds donated to rebuild Jerusalem, and Paul’s financial transparency with the offering being sent by the churches to the poor saints in Jerusalem). Why does KCM not follow the Bible’s clear protocol? Simple. Jesus said it is because, “their deeds are evil” (note John 3:19-21). Consider for example…

In 2006 KCM paid $13.3 million to its executive staff (who are mostly family members), out of a $100 million budget. This was reported by CBS based upon Tarrant County documents filed by KCM. In short, KCM paid about a dozen executives OVER 13% of their ministry budget. This is considerably MORE than the highly publicized 10% that KCM claims is being divided up among the MANY ministries they support.

Since Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also,” can we safely assume the Copeland family’s “heart” is in their own compensation MORE than in giving to those truly in need? It certainly seems so…fraudulent publicity stunts, notwithstanding.



A Few Additional Thoughts:


Again, the KCM release above describes things in such a way that it gives one the impression that KCM and the listed partners provided millions of dollars for the people of Haiti.

The only thing their quote really claims is that KCM (in partnership with the others they listed) sent the airplane to Haiti, loaded with the supplies. Again, it does NOT say:

  • Who actually paid for the medical supplies themselves (KCM makes no direct claim that it was them).
  • Where the supplies came from (McKesson Pharmesueticals?)…
  • What the actual cost for the supplies were. (The figure given is probably merely the retail value and not the much smaller wholesale price…or if a manufacturer supplied them, the even smaller manufacturer’s cost.)
  • What KCM’s actual financial contribution to the mission was.

Now, the KCM release mentioned FOUR partners in the mission, plus Glen Hyde as coordinator and pilot for the mission. How much did each contribute to the estimated flight expenses we listed in the press release above? We are not told.



Am I Wrong?:


Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Copeland Ministries are probably going to get real upset when they learn about our analysis and press release above. However, we would like to respectfully remind them that we have already documented several of THEIR lies and probable frauds here on (and we still have more to reveal and document). Thus, we would like to politely request the following items to accompany any public claims that the Copelands may attempt to make—should they decide to dispute our figures above:

  • Actual copies of receipts and/or bank records, which can be verified directly with the other parties.
  • Specific designations of contribution amounts by EACH party of the Haiti relief effort, and not just in aggregate.
  • Third-party independent audited financials of KCM, along with documents which detail and certify KCM’s contributions toward the Haitian relief missions specifically, and especially their Angel Flight 44 ministry efforts since 2006.

In other words, we are VERY tired of “smoke and mirrors” and would like to see hard documents and verifiable facts. If KCM cannot (or will not) provide them, then the information we have above is likely sufficient to establish the probability that Kenneth Copeland and his ministry are trying to perpetuate another humanitarian aid fraud, coupled with a publicity stunt.

Again, it seems KCM is trying to play with the numbers and facts in such a way as to make themselves looks like (belated) heroes in the Haitian earthquake crisis, while in fact they are throwing “pennies” of what their total resources could provide:

So can we safely assume that Kenneth Copeland and KCM is fully able to provide MUCH MORE to help Haitian victims? We, along with our growing army of advocates, certainly believe that is the case. We also believe a major cover-up has been perpetrated by the Copelands and their nefarious organization regarding their past humanitarian aid failures and other probable frauds.

Remember that it was about a MONTH after the earthquake before KCM’s new “aid” mission occurred, and then only after issued TWO international press releases exposing them.

Consequently, we and our advocates are still calling on Kenneth Copeland, his family, and his ministry, to simply repent.


Always in Christ,

-Rich Vermillion



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